Maison Epperson: Formal Living Room Progress

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I know what you’re thinking: what the hell is the difference between a formal living room and just a living room?

Before I answer that question, I have to say that we are lucky to have more rooms than we need in the new house. Yes, we hit the jackpot! They are decent-sized areas and we’re making every room functional. Having said that, it allows us to have both a family room (for recreation, as a lounge, library, media and game room) and a formal living area or sitting room (designed for reading, relaxing, entertaining and tête-à-têtes).

When someone mentions “formal living room,” the images that come to mind are stiff sofas, a crystal chandelier, chinoiserie divider screen and furniture sometimes covered in plastic (LOL). Personally, I like some formality in the living room but not uptight-looking.

I managed to clear up the clutter of boxes from our move. So far, this is how I’ve fixed our formal living room:

Some say that the formal living room is dead. Well, I’m reviving it! I love the idea of a refined but relaxed living area for the family. A place that encourages conversations and away from the TV.

What you see is just 40% of the total living area. I was given strict instructions by my whole family to leave the 60% space for skateboarding. OMG.

Like our dining room, we’re just using furniture we already have. We still have a lot space near the staircase so it would be nice to have some indoor plants, cocktail tables, lamps, another couch and chairs for extra seating. Although, I’m loving the sparse living room. I’m careful not to add too much stuff to keep the look light and refined.

As of now, the rest of the room is bare and my husband and son are both over the moon. There’s space to play and build a makeshift ramp for monster trucks. So much for the “formality.”

My family can have their skateboard space. I’m just grateful for the incredible daylight that lights up our entire home. By the way, I’m on the fence about having curtains but I also love the cozy effect it gives to the space. What do you think?

Decorating tip: We live in a culture of immediacy. We want things finished, perfect and now. But sometimes, the best things come when you wait. And the best homes are definitely ones where no one settles for less than what they want and each piece of furniture tells a story.

Sofa: Dexterton (reupholstered from black to teal and changed the stainless legs to brass)
Vintage club chairs: Housewarming gifts from my friend Maureen Disini-Teichert – woohoo!
Coffee table: Designed by Renato Vidal (a gift from the designer)
Poufs: Philux (custom made)
Rug: SM (bought on sale)
Ceramic horses: Rustan’s (bought on sale)

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  1. You have to have window treatments. It will really make a huge difference in the look and ambience of the room. There are many options put there for window treatement- drapes, long curtains where you can opt to have a sheer one to allow the light in and thick curtains on the side that you can draw if you like some privacy, valance, blinds etc…

  2. Hi Jenni! Have you considered roman shades (switch them up from time to time!)? Or sheer white floor-length curtains? I think the latter may be just what you need, it goes with the easy breezy beautiful mood of your living room 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks for the tips! I will keep them in mind. As of now, I’m just enjoying the bare jalousie windows and the daylight that pours in the house.:)

  3. Are the vintage chairs from A11? I saw a pair in A11 (in original condition) and had it refinished and reupholstered by A11. Can I ask if the fabric is not supported by anything in the back? My chairs don’t have batting/filling in the back so when you hold the fabric in the back you hand sinks in. Just wondering if it was something that needs to be rectified.

    1. Post

      Yes, the vintage chairs are from A11. The back of the chairs are not supported. I suggest to use a heavy fabric so that when it ‘s stretched out it won’t give. The ones I have are pretty sturdy in the back. Hope that helps.


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