Japan Frequent Flyers Will Love This Credit Card

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Japan is a wonderful country rich in art, culture, fashion and food. It is a must-visit for everyone’s travel bucket list and at the same time a world traveler’s paradise.

I’ve been to Japan around four times and just recently, my husband Tom and daughter Aryanna just visited the Land of the Rising Sun last Summer. We all love Japan and we’re planning a family trip soon.

Who else loves to travel to Japan?

We’re all in luck because there’s the new BDO JCB Platinum Credit Card to help us out in all of our Japan getaway!

JCB International Co., Ltd. (JCBI), the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd., (referred to below as “JCB”) announced the launch of the first JCB Platinum Credit Card in the Philippines issued by BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO), the largest bank in the country.

“The BDO JCB Platinum Credit Card offers a full suite of premier services, exclusive privileges and benefits custom-made for the discerning lifestyle and sophisticated taste of our elite cardholders. A must-have for travellers, especially those who frequently visit Japan,” says Ms. Ma. Nannette R. Regala, BDO Senior Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Marketing Head.

BDO worked on the features and benefits of BDO JCB Platinum Credit Card to create a platinum-grade credit card tailored fit to the needs and wants of the target clientele. While JCB, Japan’s only international payment brand, leveraged on long established partnerships to provide a wide range of exclusive offers especially in Japan as well as overseas for JCB Cardholders to further strengthen the value proposition of BDO JCB Platinum Credit Card.

From left: Ma. Nannette R. Regala, BDO Senior Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Marketing Head, Yuichiro Kadowaki, JCB Senior Vice President – Head of Development and Coordination, Rolando C. Tanchanco, BDO Executive Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Head, Mikihisa Asano, JCB Country Manager, Geraldine C. Liggayu, BDO First Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Cards Issuing Head

According to Mr. Yuichiro Kadowaki, Senior Vice President of JCBI, “Combining BDO’s expertise in customer relationships and dynamic local operations with JCB’s global acceptance network, we can expect a synergistic effect that will offer both BDO and JCB the opportunity to further expand the credit card market in the Philippines. With over 55 years of experience in the credit card industry, as well as growing business and customer networking in Asia, we at JCB are striving to deliver even higher quality services to our cardholders in the Philippines.”

Apart from exclusive services in Japan, BDO JCB Platinum Credit Cardholders can also take advantage of the following privileges:

  • Complimentary access to select airport lounges
  • 24/365 Platinum Concierge Desk for restaurant and golf course reservations, sightseeing, entertainment and support for credit card-related emergencies.
  • Special rates for Airport Meeting Service
  • Up to Php20M Travel Insurance Coverage
  • Free WiFi access in more that 200,000 hotspots across Japan
  • Free admission to various Japan Towers
  • 10% off your Kansai Rail Pass
  • Big discounts in various electronics and home appliance stores

Visit your nearest BDO branch now!

For more details about BDO JCB Platinum Credit Card, log on here.


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