I’ve Got Mail: Kilig The Bones!

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From: @brainbeam

“Blogged abt my Twitterworld! @tonyocruz @ramonbautista @chuckiedreyfus @JenniEpperson @elvinelvinelvin www.brainbeamthinkbits.blogspot.com

Exemplary mother, wife and style-setter. Unlike Chuck, my project with Jenni pushed thru. Got her as expert for one of our events. Met her. Love her. She gave me this nice platu-platuhan set as a gift after our 4 events together. She’s a darling! If you want to talk food, fashion and family, SHE is the go to girl. You will absolutely adore her! She’s a mix of posh and kabadingan and she is always at the majorly important events. Go to her blog and your life will never be the same: www.jenniepperson.com! Her followers are collectively called JENNIration. Winner!”

Dear Melina,

Yes,  ako lang yata ang tumamatawag sa ‘yo ng full name mo! Kasi naman, yan ang una mong pakilala sa akin! Haha!
Thanks to Twitter, nahanap mo ako! Kung hindi baka ibang speaker na ang na-book mo! Di ba?
Grabe, kinilig naman ako sa letter mo! Ano ba??? There’s something like that??? LOL
Thank you for everything! I hope you get discovered soon! You are one of the funniest people I know!

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