How to Throw a Tea Party Like a Woman of Leisure

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I’m not sure what a “Woman of Leisure” exactly means, but for me, it implies days of shopping, yoga, home decorating, gardening, tea drinking and taking naps. All of which I don’t exactly do except drinking tea (for health reasons) and shopping (but I do it more for work than personal). She also has all the time in the world to make elaborate preparations for all kinds of party. I, on the other hand, don’t have enough time.

The feel:

It must be nice

The icon:

Lady of Leisure: the late C.Z. Guest

The lifestyle:

The Leisurely Lifestyle as depicted by American photographer Slim Aarons.

 The dream setting:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have pool parties and cocktails at a drop of a hat? Doña levelz lang! LOL

Yes, I definitely like the idea of the leisurely life! In fact, last December 19, 2012, I decided to stay home and watch the Miss Universe Pageant a la Woman of Leisure — sitting in the sofa with my legs folded off to the side and munching on Caviar Sandwiches. Ah, this is the life!

Then of course, I got snapped out of my leisurely fantasy when I realized that I had a tea party/meeting with clients! Haaaay! Pa-leisure, leisure pa kasi!

How to throw a tea party like a Woman of Leisure with only two hours to spare:

12nn – 1:00pm

Drive to the nearest store/mall and buy everything you need.

I bought mini cookies, mini cake, a top (because like every girl, I had nothing to wear! Haha) and picked up the book I ordered from National Book Store.


Set the table

I’m glad I went to Dangwa flower market that weekend so I had fresh flowers as my centerpiece.

Transform your bar cart into a tea trolley. I can’t stress enough how handy it is to have this piece of furniture at home. Bar carts are multifunctional and if you live in a small space, it can double as an extension of your dining table or a decorative storage space.

The joy of a bar cart is that it can be moved anywhere in the house that it’s needed.


Make something homemade for your guests. Finger sandwiches are easy to make and perfect with tea.

My Signature Caviar Sandwich. You can get the recipe from my book, Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style at National Book Store and Powerbooks.

It takes five seconds to dump store bought cookies into your dessert tier.

Same with the Maltesers and…

Kit Kat!

These limited edition Raspberry Kit Kats ay katas pa rin ng Guam!

Oh gaaad, it took me a few minutes to transfer the mini cake into my cake stand but…

The result is fab!

Provide a pitcher of water and tumblers for your guests.


Light up a candle for ambiance and jump into the shower!


I love guests who come on time but I’m the one running late this time! Haaay! Kasalanan ‘to ng Miss Universe Pageant!

Thanks Tom for welcoming our guests! Thank you also to the “Liza 2000” (my small but amazing helper) for the blurred photo! KKLK!

Meet my guest/friend/client Xandra Ramos-Padilla!

Tea time with the creative team of The Ramp and Crossings Home for an exciting project. Please watch out for something fun and fab! Update soon!

From left: Renee Fuentinilla, Ms. Nel Castillo, Macel Pangan, and Xandra Ramos-Padilla

You don’t have to be a Woman of Leisure to have lots of time to buy gifts as giveaway. I buy random gifts whenever I’m out and store them at home because you’ll never know when you need to share some love (and topiaries) with friends and loved ones.

Successful entertaining with limited prep time.

A Woman of Leisure has always her man in mind — I shared the leftover tea and goodies with Tom! Haha!

Tira-tira dot com! LOL

I sometimes dream about being a stay-at-home mom and housewife, but the reality is, I’m way too active and full of energy (a.k.a. hyper! Haha!) to be at home all the time. So, I still prefer to work full time as a stylist and just throw intimate gatherings at home just like a Woman of Leisure would.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, watch out for a super fun and fab project coming soon!

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  1. I have been reading your blog since the multiply days.haha!
    i read every blog out there, but you know what separates yours from the rest?

    you actually know how to write stories, not just put together photos, thats what makes it so engaging because its written well in a way thats conversational yet it feels like your reading it from a magazine.

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  2. Entertaining ALWAYS stresses me out, I get too caught up in the details – matching dining sets, excellent food, spotlessly clean rooms, making sure guests are comfortable etc. Kudos to you for making it look so easy – which is exactly the reason why I love reading posts about “entertaining” 🙂 You’re a guru when it comes to it and it makes me feel like I’m living vicariously through you.

    PS Love your Trapeze and is that a Boy bag your friend is carrying? I heart it too. Quick question, what would you say is 2013’s IT bag?

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