How To Host The Best Oscars Viewing Party At Home

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The Academy Awards, hosted by Chris Rock, airs this coming Monday (Sunday for those who live in the U.S.) Are you pumped for the Oscars? I always find myself super excited for the Red Carpet showdown! The Academy Awards fashion is exciting and completely inspiring to me. I also look forward to finding out the winners for each category (OMG. Leo, just win already!!!)

So today we’re talking about how to host the best Oscars viewing party at home. Grab all your film-buff friends, and host the best awards viewing party of the year!


Oscars-ready with the Sony Bravia™ 4K TV and Sound Bar!

Easy peasy entertaining checklist:


1. Check the schedule with your cable provider. First and foremost, find out what channel, day and time (if you live in the Philippines the show airs on Feb. 29, 7AM) the Academy Awards is showing in your country.


Make your own invitations (Google “invitation card maker”). Print them out or create a digital version to email or text to your guests.

2. Send out invites. Sure sending text messages for the party is easy but why not make it special by creating a printable or digital invitation. For me, the more creative and fun the invitation is, the more exciting it will be for the guests. It sets the tone of the viewing party.


3. Prepare TV treats. Prepare food and a snack tray with award-winning treats!


How cute is this snack tray?!! This will definitely put a smile on your guests’ face!


… And the award goes to… Sony Bravia 4K TV!!!

4. Set-up your living room or media room. Create a cinematic experience at home by following these helpful and easy tips:


Arrange strategically the couch and chairs facing the TV. Don’t be afraid to stage your living room just for the viewing party by moving around the furniture or adding more seats to accommodate guests. You can easily put everything back in place after the party.


Sony Bravia™ X90C 4K TV is a work of art with it’s ultra-thin panel (measures 4.9 millimeter only). It’s a design statement.

Clean the TV. Make sure that the monitor is dust-free and no finger prints. Use only a dry and lint-free rag for cleaning the TV.


Adjust the TV’s brightness and color in advance. Boost your viewing pleasure with superior picture quality for a more realistic and vivid entertainment experience.


Evoke the full emotion in every scene with rich, vivid reds, greens, and blues. And enjoy the widest color range ever, thanks to the Triluminous display, unique to Sony.

The new Sony Bravia™ X90C series is their thinnest ever 4K TV. It has a powerful 4K Processor X1 that brings stunning picture quality to whatever you’re watching. Every source is intelligently analyzed and upscaled to its best 4K resolution, from TV broadcasts, Blu-ray Disc™, and DVDs to 4K internet videos. Enjoy incredible 4K images with stunning clarity, lifelike color, and sparkling contrast.


The X90C series delivers incredible 4.9 mm thinness (that’s less than half an inch!), achieving form and function beautifully. With unique edge-coating technology, the display’s flush surface makes the bezel virtually disappear. Images appear to float before your eyes, making you hardly aware of the TV screen—just stunning 4K.


Do a sound check. Make sure that the TV volume is at a comfortable level so that your guests can enjoy the Oscars show and have a conversation at the same time without having to compete with the volume of the TV.


Speaking of sounds, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the amazing Sony Sound Bar HT-ST9 7.1.


It is the only sound bar that has 7 separate amplifiers for each speaker that just gives it incredible boost. Another great aspect of the sound bar is that you can play music through it and the clarity is astonishing. It also comes with 1 wireless subwoofer.

The Sony Sound Bar delivers virtual surround sound that combines Digital Signal Processing and Wave-front technology to emulate a natural, three-dimensional sound field, all from a single soundbar and subwoofer.


Not shown in this photo is the removable piano-black metal grill that affixes to rubber vibration damping fasteners.

The HT-ST9 7.1 translates from the mixing theater to the home environment. It sounds so good you are looking for speakers from behind you, when in fact, it all comes from the front! It feels like being on the Red Carpet with the stars!


The Sony Bravia™ 4K TV, X950C comes with two TV remote control units: the traditional remote control and then there is the touch pad remote (it acts like a mouse for the computer), also called the one-flick remote. It’s nice, responsive, easy to use and very efficient for scrolling through the apps on the Android TV smart interface.

5. Give out a party swag

The infamous Oscars swag bags are covetable (check out some of the contents of this year’s swag bag, click here) however, you have to be a nominee to score one. You also don’t need $220,000 budget to give your guests a memorable (and cute too) party swag, all you need is some creativity:


Everyone deserves the spotlight so take turns playing paparazzi.

Instant still camera + Films + Trophy = A winning swag

Create your own Oscars statue (just use gold cardboard or paint it in gold) using this template.


Nothing is more fun than gathering friends and loved ones to watch one of the best shows on earth on TV over popcorn.

This post is in partnership with Sony Bravia™. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that have kept’s doors open all these years. I super appreciate it!

For more information about televisions and home theater, visit Sony Philippines’ website.

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