How To Create A Halloween Treats Buffet

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Halloween is the Superbowl of candies! It’s one holiday that’s built around treats. What better way to enjoy the holiday with kids and adults alike than by creating a special treats buffet!

What you need:

Assorted candies/cookies
Jars, platters or other containers
Signage – black board or printed on paper and framed

Easy peasy:

Serve with a smile! Assorted candies served on a platter create the perfect display and thrill any guest, paranormal or otherwise!

If you can’t make ’em, buy ’em! I was too lazy to make homemade Halloween treats. Good thing The Sweet Life by Ange has some clever and cute Halloween Cookie Lollipops and Halloween Bottles with M&Ms! Perf!!!

Blackboard art. A welcome sign for guests makes a Happy Halloween!

I asked my daughter Aryanna to doodle on the framed blackboard and I love what she did! Simple yet spooky!

So, I asked my husband Tom to buy Gummi Worms and he got me slugs instead. He claims he couldn’t find any. Read: He’s too lazy to look for them. Ugh.

What is torture?

That impish smile! Haaaay, Dylan!

Finally, the most important part of putting together a Halloween treats buffet is to have fun!

Halloween is a lighthearted holiday, and we all know candy is always a good idea, so just enjoy it!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in for some Halloween decorating ideas next!

Assorted candies: Rustan’s, Greenbelt 1, Makati City
Halloween Cookies and Halloween Bottles with M&Ms: The Sweet Life by Ange, to order call 09178238198; 8150188
Candles: Locally made candle from Bulacan, available at National Book Store
Framed black board and stand: available at National Book Store

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