How To Build A Wardrobe That Is Basic…But Not Really

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When it comes to closet staples, basic… but not really (not-so-basic) pieces are the building blocks of personal style. Cool details and choice of fabrics spell the difference between simple and special

As I mentioned in my previous posts, because of my weight gain during the holidays most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore. Ironically, after losing weight (I dropped down to 2 dress sizes!!), I’m now swimming in my outfits and in dire need of new ones. I’m not complaining, in fact, I’m excited to build a new set of capsule wardrobe for my new and improved bodyyyyyyyyy!! LOL

Whatever weight you’re currently at, these new classics are worth adding to cart:

Basic T-shirts… But Not Really


Timeless tees create endless possibilities worth of outfits.

T-shirt details that matter:
• comfort fit
• pocket details
• t-shirt with tulle
• glittery/metallic material

Basic Jeans… But Not Really


There can never be enough stress on the fact your closet needs a good pair of jeans to be complete.

Jeans details that matter:
• stretch denim
• rips
• different wash
• zipper details

Basic Skirts… But Not Really


Just because your jeans need a day-off doesn’t mean you can’t wear cool bottoms. A flattering skirt does the trick!

Skirt details that matter:
• metallic fabric
• details on the hemline
• raw edges

Basic Jackets… But Not Really


The ultimate throw-on-the-go piece that can level any outfit from comfy to smart casual.

Jacket details that matter:
• bomber style
• lightweight, hooded raincoat
• long denim jacket
• blazers with cool sleeve details

Basic Dresses… But Not Really Not Really


Dresses will get you through a million and one occasions.

Dress details that matter:
• tulle dress (to be worn over a t-shirt and jeans)
• Mandarin collar
• colored leatherette or sequence slip dress

Basic Shoes… But Not Really


The only item that can balance out being overdressed and underdressed.

Shoes details that matter:
• capped-toe ballet flats
• block-heel pumps
• pointed booties
• leather slides
• black, lightweight runner shoes


Show-stopping pieces are necessary to add spice but, your outfits don’t have to kill it every single time. Sometimes, a pair of tattered jeans paired with white knotted t-shirt and animal-printed ballet flats can look and feel just as great!

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Buying new clothes is exciting but at the same time, I don’t want to shop mindlessly. If there is one thing I’ve learned from losing weight is to do it slowly and surely. Same principle applies when building a wardrobe—buy one key piece at a time and eventually, you’ll have an entire wardrobe that is basic… but not really.

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