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Since my last pregnancy (six years ago), I’ve gained a total of 30 pounds (M0$&@* F*#$^!!!). I’ve been unhappy about being overweight because I literally feel heavy. I blame my post-pregnancy body, age and mindless eating for my weight gain. When my clothes start to get tight, that’s when I start to lose my confidence. Maybe you can relate. I can avoid mirrors but the tightness of my outfits couldn’t go unnoticed.

For me when it comes to my body I don’t think of myself as ‘fat’ or ‘thin’—I think of myself as happy or unhappy and when I am happy I am confident and empowered. For me, happiness is key.

Below is my personal weight-loss journey, for the last three months, of how I lost 15 lbs. to take back my body and regain my confidence. I hope my diet gives you the option on how to jumpstart your own weight-loss and feel confident again.



This photo of me (I had to blackout my eyes in case some malicious person uses my photo and to also protect the kids’ identities) was taken last January during my son’s birthday party. I was at my heaviest then and I was hiding my body under an oversized top and loose jeans. As you can see, my chin was also non-existent-haha! Needless to say, I was top-heavy and overweight.

Last January, I remember stepping on a scale and got the shock of my life when I gained an additional 8 lbs. (a total of 38 lbs. of unwanted fat!! S#*%!!!!!) from last year’s holiday indulgences. I was unhappy being overweight and I slowly felt depressed. I’m generally a positive person and feeling down was hard. I gave myself a few days to allow myself to feel sad about the situation and like most challenges I’ve faced in my life, I started to research and plan on how to take my confidence and body back.


Like some of you, I’ve tried different diet fads which all resulted to short-term solutions. The most I’ve lost was 8 lbs. and then I’d gain them all back in one sitting-haha! Since I’ve gained weight in a span of six years, I was aware that to get real results and shed the pounds off for life meant not giving in to my indulgences. NO MORE CHEATING ON FOOD! I also gave myself a 3-month goal (March-May) to lose fat in a healthy way instead of crash dieting.


The hardest part of losing weight for me is committing to the diet. A few years ago, I tried the H2 + Aivee Diet (injections and meal plan) of Dr. Aivee Teo. For me, it was the only diet I did that really helped curb my voracious appetite and I lost weight. To be fair, the only reason why I gained back the pounds is because after losing weight, I fell back into old habits. Haaay.

Luckily, I already experienced the power of H2 injections and how it can drastically jumpstart my weight-loss and after more research on my part, I knew that it would help me lose weight again.



The Aivee Clinic’s elegant and inviting clinic

The first thing I did was to book an appointment with Dr. Aivee Teo. After the consultation and some tests, she told me that I was a candidate for the H2 Diet.


The H2 Diet: H2 + Aivee Diet ™ is a specialized HCG therapy, which incorporates daily injections of H2 along with a calorie restrictive diet for 21 or 40 days. It consists of injections and a meal plan (optional but I highly recommend it). I know what you’re thinking: “INJECTIONS???!!!” Don’t worry, the needle is so tiny you’ll hardly feel it. If you have a low threshold for pain, you can opt for some anesthesia to mix with the H2 cocktail for a painless injection.


The injections can be done in The Aivee Clinic or you can bring them home. I opted to inject myself and do it at home instead of going to the clinic everyday. I just kept the injections in the fridge. I have a pretty high threshold for pain but if you don’t you can opt to get the injectable anesthesia (you mix it with the H2 injection so you don’t have to do two separate injections) for less pain.

This is how you do it: You inject it slowly in the “fattiest” part of your tummy first thing in the morning. Then you can start with your breakfast. It’s important that for the weight-loss to be successful, you MUST follow the meal plan or if you can cook, prepare the 500-calorie meals (that’s the total calories for the whole day).

Disclaimer: Since I cook and I’ve experienced the Aivee Diet before, this time, I opted to prepare my own food.

No worries: Some of you are probably wondering, what if there’s air caught in the injection? Will that kill me? Uhm, I think that can only happen if you’re injecting through your veins. Since you’ll be injecting in the fat, it’s safe.

My verdict: The H2 injections definitely curved my food cravings. I was able to survive the day eating 500 calories because of it. Without the H2 injections, I would’ve been a grumpy woman. The only problem was, I missed chewing actual food. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I felt that I had to gnaw on food. The mastication struggle is real!! LOL

Best part: The awesome part of injecting the H2 cocktail was that I had energy to survive the low-calorie diet and I didn’t have any headaches or felt irritable, which can happen when you’re eating like a bird. None of those! In fact, I felt great with energy but not hyper or with heart palpitations.



These photos of me were taken recently and proof that I’ve lost a lot of weight since my second round of H2 injections. The most obvious change is in my upper body and hips. Aaaahhhhhh!! I’m so happy!!

On the first round of my H2 injections, after 20 days, I lost 8 lbs. My tummy was drastically flat and I felt great! I had to rest my body for two weeks before I took the second round series of H2 injections. Also, during my break, I traveled to Taiwan and since I got to used to eating less, I was mindful about my meals and I only gained one pound. The second round of H2 injections and continuous diet, I lost another 7 pounds! To date, I’ve lost a total 15 lbs.!!! I look in the mirror and I love what I see—a slimmer and healthier version of me. I tell you, no matter what the scale tells you, the mirror is the best “scale!”


I want to lose 15 more pounds and I want to do another round of H2 injections to achieve my goal weight. I’m already exercising every morning in preparation for my life after the H2 Diet. My appetite has definitely changed and I’m eating less and healthier. My next goal is to make fitness a habit so I can maintain my new, slimmer body and to stay healthy. I also want to try some of Dr. Aivee’s body sculpting machines to help me tone my arms and body. I’m excited!

The young and beautiful It couple: Dr. Z and Aivee Teo

The young and beautiful It couple: Dr. Z and Aivee Teo

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo for helping me with my journey to health and beauty (remember my non-surgical treatment for jowls and double chin treatment, read here). I really owe them some of the happiness and confidence I feel at this moment in my life! They are warm, accommodating, sympathetic (and funny too) about their clients’ concerns. Going to The Aivee Clinic is like hanging out at a friend’s place. The doctors and staff are nice and efficient and the best part? They become your genuine partners/motivators for a life well lived.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”
-Winston Churchill.


Happy and confident me!

I hope my story motivates anyone who is stuck in a rut to bounce back to a place of confidence and happiness.

The first step to your weight-loss is to book an appointment now at The Aivee Clinic!

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This post is in partnership with The Aivee Clinic. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that have kept’s doors open all these years. I super appreciate it!

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      Best to book an appointment first with Aivee Clinic or the A. Institute so they can give you an accurate assessment on how to lose weight and how much H2 injections you need.


  1. Hi, Jenni!

    I am curious as to how much the H2 Injections cost and would appreciate any information that you may have. Also, how did you prep your meals to go with the H2 injections? Did you follow a specific meal plan?

    Thanks in advance!

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      Hello Karla!

      I suggest that you get a consultation first from the Aivee Clinic or the A. Institute as it differs for each patient. Try it as it woks!


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