Hottest Haircut: Pixie

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When life is getting too serious, sometimes, a dramatic transformation is in order.

Hottest hairstyle: When a new hair-do is the main cover story of a fashion magazine, you know it’s major!

Get that look:

Tweeps and Instagrammers were all abuzz a few days ago when pop diva Beyoncé posted her new pixie hairstyle on her account. This morning, fierce model/host Coco Rocha sent shockwaves on Instagram with her new cool cut! Kagulo sa parlor worldwide!

The games have begun! Time to go short or go home!

Game changers:


B’s beauty breakdown:

Red lipstick + White nail polish + Honey bath butter + Black liquid liner + Surf style hair products + Tiara + Beyoncé’s Heat Parfum (one on my faves, believe it or not) = Hair-ress!

Coco Rocha

Catwalk darling and fierce model Coco Rocha is always ahead of the pack. From modeling to hosting, she transforms on the runway and in front of the camera with her unique beauty and her charming personality. She’s also got a new cool cut to boot! According to the super model’s IG post this morning (yes, mainit-init pa ‘to balitang ‘to), “it’s the coolest haircut of my life!”

C’s beauty breakdown:

Thick mascara + Burgundy nail polish + Volumizing shampoo + Smoky eye makeup + Makeup remover + Scented candle + Peach lip gloss + Hydrating lotion + Poison parfum by Dior (another favorite of mine) + Studded hairband = Fierce Fringe Femme

Style tips:

From someone who’s been sporting a short hairstyle for a long time (I used to have long hair. Kolehiyala lang ang peg.) I can’t tell you how liberating it is to have a pixie ‘do! My hair is wash and wear, easy to style and in a sea of long-haired ladies, madali n’yo akong ma-sight! LOL

My new pixie cut by Henri Calayag. Mother H has been cutting my hair since birth! CHOZ! At mabalis pa yan sa alas kwatro pagdating sa hair trends! He is always on the ball of what the next hair trend and his style instincts are uncanny. I learn a lot from him and he inspires me. It’s also always fun in his salon! Visit Henri Calayag Salon in at the ground floor of The Residences at Greenbelt, Esperanza St., Ayala Center , Makati City. For appointments, call: +632 799-1495

(Photo taken using Instagram)

• Believe it or not, almost everyone can get away with a short hairstyle. The key is to find a style that suits your face shape. Example, if you have a round face you’ll want to elongate it and if you have a square face, you want to soften your jawline.

• For fine hair, use volumizing shampoos and other texturizing hair products to give volume to your pixie cut. Avoid the helmet look.

• Thick, wavy hair can style their short ‘do with ease. Sleek style or beach hair, all you need is the right product to tame or add texture to your hair.

• Get regular hair cuts. Short hair needs to be maintained. Good grooming is a habit.

Life is all about change. Change keeps us on our toes and makes life fun and exciting!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, bukas na po ang parlor, magpagupit na kayo!

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  2. I love short hair! I’ve had had short hair for years, and although occasionally I come across a hairdresser who doesn’t know what they’re doing (ack!) I mostly had good experiences with the pixie cut. :3

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