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The past two years have been tiring and stressful for our family with all the major renovations we did in our new old house. It’s slowly getting there with just a few more rooms to tackle. One of the places I’m excited to finish is our family room. There’s actually an existing built-in home bar with a proper sink that needs major updating. After we finish Dylan’s room makeover (I’ll blog about it soon!), Tom and I are going to work on the home bar next.

Here are some of my home bar inspirations:


I love the mirror, glass shelves and brass rack! This seems easy to achieve if only I know where to get the rack. Let me know if you have leads.


The wooden shelves and wine rack are pretty cool and quite doable. I’ll find a way to incorporate wood with the glass shelves I have in mind.


Wallpaper would be pretty fab for the home bar too!


This closet is similar to the built-in home bar we have in the family room. I super like the clean lines and sink! We don’t need a wine chiller but a buddy ref would be nice to have.


The louvre doors are exactly the doors we have in our home bar. I’m still on the fence whether to keep them or take them out. What do you think? I kinda like that there are book shelves and framed photos in the bar.


If I took out the louvre doors, it would be nice to have glass cabinets to house some of my stemware.


How cool is this bar? I will have to incorporate a blackboard somewhere. I super like the wine rack too!

This year, I would like to start entertaining at home (finally!!!). A walk up home bar would be great for cocktail hour so that my guests can pour their own libations. Drinks are a significant component of memorable gatherings and a well-designed home bar is the life of any party!

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  1. Hope to see your house renovations if that is okay.

    I am in desperate need of ideas because we are also about to start our house construction *gulp* (goodbye savings!)

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