Hidden Wedge Trainers

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If I could wear trainers and sneakers everyday, I would. For someone who runs around the metro sourcing for clothes everyday, rubber shoes are my feet salvation.

"Dylan and me #chucks"

(Photo taken using Instagram)

I also love high tops! Like boots, I find them cool especially when paired with skinny jeans. If I could wear them to a party, I would but I need some extra height when I go out at night. Haha!

Maybe the fashion gods have heard my prayers because for Spring/Summer, designers have come out with the newest kicks perfect for day and night.

Ladies with an attitude, presenting… The hidden wedge trainers:

In a nutshell: The hidden wedge trainers look like your ordinary sneakers from the outside, but has a hidden wedge in the heel area for added height. Can I hear a “hallelujah”?

Peg: Taylor Tomasi Hill, style and accessories director for US Marie Claire magazine

Marc by Marc Jacobs. This is my favorite!

I love that the wedge is now inside! No one will ever know our secret… haha!

Isabel Marant. The models’ footwear du jour.

Nike Dunk Sky High. Mae Dichupa, please bring this in and call me. Thank you!

Shoppingera, would you wear them?


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  1. You are really a heaven sent Ms. Jenni!
    I wore a Mango high top sneakers (color GOLD!), when someone told me.. “dress appropriate to your age!” I was 29 yrs old at that time..
    Since then I never wore them again.. and then I read this..
    Thank you Ms. J!!! ur an Angel!! 😉

    1. Post

      Dear Cherie,

      I believe in dressing appropriate, but sometime we need to inject some fun in our wardrobe… our life!

      Have fun dressing up and remember that confidence is key!


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