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After moving from our previous home in Salcedo Village to our new house near the area of Legaspi Village, I immediately felt a different vibe. Salcedo Village for me is more a family-friendly place while Legaspi Village is the hipper, more active and younger counterpart. It reminds me of my 20-something self who just moved in the city from Laguna to conquer my dreams. In fact, the first place I lived in when I moved to the city is in Legaspi Village, Makati City. I wanted to be near my work place and at the same time, walking distance to the malls, clubs and parks.

I always believed that living in the heart of the city for a working girl has so many advantages: you avoid traffic hell and the convenience of going to and from the office save time, money and insanity. Sure, living in the South and North has its perks but if you work in CBD and with the current traffic situation, moving to Legaspi Village is not only a logical choice but also good for the heart and soul. It will definitely save you from unnecessary stress in your life.

If you’re looking for a place to live in or you’re a fresh graduate and wants to invest on a condo check out the newest Megaworld development in Legaspi Village:

Greenbelt Hamilton

The Greenbelt Hamilton lies at the heart of Makati’s Central Business District, the most prestigious and most desired real estate in the city. Known as the Business and Entertainment Capital of the Philippines , Makati City is the hub of the future where close to 3,000 dining establishments, 6 Five-Star Hotels, the hottest nightspots and the country’s top shopping malls are located. While residents get full access of the exhilarating Makati Lifestyle, schools, churches, banks, embassies, hospitals and Greenbelt Shops and Restaurants are just never more than a few minutes away.

Greenbelt Hamilton

A new life awaits you! In Tradition of building you truly the best of what life can offer, one of the premier property developers in Metropolitan Manila is proud to introduce Our Newest and Most awaited Residential Tower of the Year, The Greenbelt Hamilton! Expectedly remarkable and surprisingly affordable, The Greenbelt Hamilton is an exquisite 31-storey Modern Contemporary Residential Tower of class and beauty, and is the epitome of the ” New York Style Living” – utmost convenience, pure indulgence, and great accessibility.

Greenbelt Hamilton units, amenities & facilities

Greenbelt Hamilton 2bd living dining

Greenbelt Hamilton 2bd living dining

Greenbelt Hamilton 2BD panoramic

Greenbelt Hamilton 2BD

Greenbelt Hamilton EXEC studio

Greenbelt Hamilton Executive Studio

Greenbelt Hamilton 2BD BD

Greenbelt Hamilton 2BD

Greenbelt Hamilton Executive Studio

Greenbelt Hamilton Executive Studio

Greenbelt Hamilton spa view

Greenbelt Hamilton spa

Greenbelt Hamilton sauna view

Greenbelt Hamilton sauna

Greenbelt Hamilton DAYCARE

Greenbelt Hamilton daycare

Greenbelt Hamilton GYM

Greenbelt Hamilton Gym

This new development of Megaworld depicts the bold, the contemporary, with taste and striking character, outgoing, the weekend warriors, the fit and fabulous, and the independent who are always on the go. For the well-educated, sophisticated, urbane people who value the convenience of having everything within reach.

For first-time condominium owners and people living an on-the-go and active lifestyle, Greenbelt Hamilton could be the space that best suits the urban lifestyle.

Time to be a “Legaspi” working girl!

Greenbelt Hamilton contact info (and promo terms): +63917.8876223

Visit: www.megaworldmakaticbd.com

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