Happy Birthday, Dylan!

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Last January 26, our son Dylan turned 4. We asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday. He was specific:

He wanted to play in the “Mall Slide” (Kevin’s Toys & Library).
He wanted lots of toy cars.
He wanted lots of bubbles.
He wanted a cake and lots of balloons.
He wanted to play with all of us the WHOLE day!

Birthday wishes: GRANTED!

First thing we did when Dylan woke up was played with him!

Bubbles, check.

Photo taken using Instagarm

Off to the “Mall Slide!”

“Mall Slide,” check.

Met up with Aryanna after her volleyball tournament and we all had lunch.

Went home after lunch to put Dylan to bed. While he was napping, Tom whipped up some homemade brownies. He’s such a sweet and cool dad.

We like making our own birthday cakes. Sometimes we whip our own recipe or use boxed cakes.

To personalize the cake, I bought cute icing characters.

Tah-dah! Our homemade Birthday Brownie Cake!

While Dylan was napping, we decorated our dining room

Balloons, check.

Tom’s idea of gift wrapping: whatever wrapper he finds in the house and doodles on it. I have to admit, it’s cool.


Oh my gaaaad! I’m so happy I captured my son’s happiness! He was so happy to wake up to our little surprise!

*sings* “Happy birthday, Dylan… Happy birthday, Dylan… Happy birthday, Dylaaaaan!”

Make a wish and blow the candles!

We used Magic Candles! Kids (and adults too) love to blow out the birthday candles over and over!

“The Liza 2000”

I think we blew out the candles more than 20 times!

Time to open gifts!

Aryanna gifted her ‘lil bro a ukulele. Dylan always borrows his sister’s ukulele and now he has his own.

Lots of toy cars: check.

Opening gifts is serious business for kids. Observe the concentration and excitement at the same time.

According to Dylan, his dad is “The Best Builder” ever.

Eat cake na!!!

Me: Don’t touch my cake, Dylan!
Dylan: It’s OK, Mom! It’s my birthday and it’s my cake!

Cake, check.

We baked enough for the family and gave the rest to Dylan’s playmates in the building.

Played the whole day with the family, check.

It’s amazing when you listen to what kids really want for their special day. Most of the time, our kids ask for the simplest things and want to celebrate it by just playing/spending time with us. I’m glad that they love the simple joys in life.

Maybe in a few years, we’ll throw a grand birthday bash for Dylan. For now, he’s very happy with cake, sweet spaghetti and lots of playtime.

Happy birthday to our dahling Dylan! You bring so much joy and happiness in our lives! We love you! You’re the best son ever!

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  1. Awww…you’re such an inspiring family! Always been an Epperson fan! 😉

    I like your last few paragraphs about really listening to what your children like. I find it shallow (forgive my bluntness) for parents throwing expensive parties when their child could barely appreciate or even enjoy the whole thing at age 1!

    I’m a preschool teacher and believe me, most parents at this day and age, are becoming worst examples to their children. I cringe!

    “Everyone talks about leaving a better planet for our children. Why doesn’t anyone try to leave better children for our planet.”

    So kudos to you and your husband for raising such wonderful children.

    Aryanna is such a model teenager too, she’s doing far more creative things rather than focusing on boys or love life. Of course, she won’t have a problem on that department because she’s such a beautiful girl. But yeah, you know what I’m saying? hehe

    Keep it up, Miss Jenni and keep inspiring!
    Sending you lots of Horse luck from Beijing. All the best! 😉

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  2. A friend did the magic candle for her kid’s birthday and after the marathon blowing nobody wanted to eat the cake – too much laway! You have a lovely family.

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