Hair Products That Would Make You Say “Damn!”

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First of all, remind me to NEVER grow my hair long! I don’t know what I was thinking growing it long again after 20+ years because it’s so high maintenance and I end up tying my tresses anyway. What’s the point, right? During my last trip to Bali, I had my hair cut short and to be honest, I feel like myself again.

Having a pixie cut for me is easy and low maintenance because I can wash and wear my hair easily. Also, with just a few spritzes of hair products, I can create different looks. It’s a quick and easy process.

Looking at my vanity table, I can honestly say that there is not one hair product that I own with packaging that stands out or should I say blends in with my other beauty products and perfume which have cool packaging until now. Thank you for introducing me to IGK Hair!

IGK is a team of four innovative stylists from various parts of the globe and vastly different backgrounds unified in a single vision: to create products designed to fit the lives and needs of the client.

Watch the vid to get to know the cool dudes  behind the IGK Hair:

The IGK mantra:

“Hairstyling for the modern generation.”


More than the cool branding, packaging and names (Rich Kid, Expensive, Jet Lag, Low Key, etc.) using these hair products I can easily style my hair to whatever mood I’m in.

Here’s a quick review of some of the IGK products I have and used:

Rich Kid | Coconut Oil Gel – This is the first product from the collection that I tried because of the interesting name and product description (oil gel?!). The smell is more fruity than coconuty and has the hold of a traditional hair gel without the stickiness. Perfect for that lived-in texture. Love this!

Expensive | Amla Oil High Shine Top Coat – Three words: UV protecting glaze. I use this product to seal the cuticles of my hair and to protect it from the harsh UV’s and heat tools. It’s a new conditioner-mask-gloss hybrid. Use it after shampoo and leave it on for 1-2 minutes. It detangles hair and leaves it super duper soft. As in! It has a super shiny finish (I’m not kidding!) and makes my hair look “expensive”!

Low Key | Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub – Props to the IGK team for thinking of my scalp! LOL! Seriously, caring for the scalp is the foundation of healthy hair. I love the soothing cooling scrub and it also conditions my scalp. I use this once or twice a week to give my head some lovin’. It contains apple cider vinegar which helps clarify the scalp and the walnut oil hydrates it.

Mistress | Hydrating Hair Balm – I’ve been swimming a lot this summer and while it cools me down, the chlorine in the pool has not been forgiving on my hair and leaves it dry and dull. I use this hydrating balm on my hair while it is still damp to hydrate and lock-in the moisture. No more straw-like hair!

Beach Club | Texture Spray – This is my favorite product in their line! Since I have fine hair, a few spritz of Beach Club gives my pixie cut instant texture and a bit of volume.

Thirsty Girl | Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner, 24-Hour Frizz Control – This is a very interesting hair product because of its Hyaluronic Acid Technology which is similar to skincare—it helps maintain moisture in your hair. I rarely use this product as I have fine, limp hair but it’s great for when I’m at the pool and I need quick conditioning for my hair.

First Class | Charcoal Detox (7%active cleansing powder), Dry Shampoo, Direct Flight | Multi-tasking Dry Shampoo (3%active cleansing powder) & Jet Lag | Invisible Dry Shampoo (1%active cleansing powder)

I’m one of those people who used to shampoo their hair everyday sometimes, twice a day. And why not? Living in the Manila means heavy pollution and a sweaty scalp. However, now that I work indoors most of the time, I sometimes wash my hair every other day to maintain the natural oils on my scalp. A quick spritz of any of these dry shampoos help freshen my hair.

In a nutshell: IGK Hair has cool packaging and modern formulations that offer high performance without compromise:

Cruelty free
Gluten free
No parabens or sulfates
UV and heat protection
Conditioning and color safe
Formulated without mineral oil

Available at

What hair styling product do you always use? Have you ever bought a product just because of the cool packaging?

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