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I so missed blogging!! I took time off from my regular postings because real life just got more fun and interesting for me. If you’re following my Instagram Stories (sorry Snapchat but I’ve moved!!) you would know that my social calendar has been a packed the last few weeks plus, staycations and traveling too (I’m leaving again tomorrow for Singapore, tune in to my Stories!).

Check out my latest insta-faves:


1. Truffle and Salted Egg Potato Chips by The Sweet Life By Ange

I would like to apologize in advance to all the dieters out there for promoting these chips!! They are super addicting, yummy and readily available in the city! You cannot escape the goodness of these chips!!!


I’ve been a fan of their Truffle Chips since day one and I am obsessed with their new Salted Egg flavor! What I like about this particular potato chips is the crispiness and the “salted egg-yness” of it. The flavor is perfectly seasoned and available in two variants: regular and spicy (walang itapon!!) TDF.


I eat these chips so much that I have to exercise an extra 30-minutes to burn the guilt! Haha! You can order them via email:

Tip: Order at least 5 of each flavor because they are so good you wouldn’t want to share a bag! Get everyone their own bag of chips.


2. Te Amo Floristeria

I was recently invited by Moss Manila Home and Te Amo Floristeria for a shelfie (bookshelf styling) and floral arrangement workshop and I loved it! I’m all about styling and decorating my home and it was nice to get inspired by the pros plus, it was fun! Check my Instagram for my creations!

Te Amo is a Premium Flower Shop & Floral Design Studio where you can order amazing flower arrangements for every occasion and they also hold different workshops for individuals and groups. I super recommend this place for girl bonding and mother and daughter time. Inquire at 886-6888; 09166298122; Enroll in their October Workshop Series here.


3. K-Palette

Brow and “tungkil” game strong with these babies!


They’re my faves because they are easy to apply, smudge-proof and water-proof!


LBD & LBB’s (little black bags) at Fendi

4. Little Black Dress (LBD)

It’s LBD season! Buy now and wear forever!

Tip: For a cool and fresh take, wear the dress over jeans or t-shirt.


5. “Magazine & Chill”

Netflix and chill have nothing on poolside magazine reading with cold water in hand and wearing a fluffy bathrobe. Can’t wait to go back to the beach soon to chill and read more fashion magazines.

Get busy living life to the fullest because the more you live, the more experiences and memories you can share with your loved ones.

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