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The holiday spirit has finally kicked in. I’m feeling festive and excited to celebrate Christmas!

Maison Epperson is also being dressed in style—we’ve been doing some holiday decorating and hanging up curtains at home. Getting cozy is the name of the game.

Here are some of my favorites this season:

1. Travel – I’ve been traveling again. Just short trips to Hong Kong and Singapore and had a relaxing “workation” in Guangzhou, China (I’ll blog about this soon).  It’s pure joy to just hop on a plane and visit different places, meet new people, eat and shop. I want to fly out more often in 2016.


2. Postcard – Speaking of travel, I received a postcard a few months ago from Aryanna during her European trip with her dad. It’s been years since I’ve gotten one in the mail! It’s exciting! We promise to keep doing this whenever we travel.


3. Homemade Smoked Burgers – We make killer burgers and hotdogs at home. Really. One of our secrets is smoking the meat. Adding Hickory wood chips (you can buy them in packs at Wilcon or True Value) will level up the flavor of your meat. The smoky flavor from the wood chips is something the ordinary grill or skillet can’t provide. You can easily smoke hamburgers, ribs, hotdogs and other meats using a traditional smoker or by adding wood chips to your gas/charcoal grill.


4. Crème Brûlée Bomboloni from Wildflour – Bomboloni is an Italian pastry made by angels. This sweet, light, cream-filled fluffy ball of goodness will be the end of your diet. Do not order this!!! It’s too good!!! LOL


5. Yosi Samra Foldable Flats in Metallic Rose Gold – I’ve been bringing this pair to my travels. I like that it’s foldable and the rose gold color goes with any of my outfits. It also comes with a pouch for convenience.


I’ve been consistently blogging again and it feels good. Thanks for always visiting my blog with or without new updates. I’ll make up for it. Tune in tomorrow for a new post!

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