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I’m loving the scattered rain showers and thunderstorm (very weather girl lang ang dating, haha) we’re experiencing in the city.

It’s the first time in months that we slept without an aircon and just turned on the fan in our room last night. The sound of the rain and the cool breeze made me conk out early. Today, the sun is peaking out of the clouds, the weather is cool and I smell bacon. It’s looking like a perfect Sunday.

Below are some of my favorite weekend treats, treatment and activity:

Mandala floral arrangements – I’m sure you’ve seen these floral arrangements in resorts, spas and meditation camps. I like geometric proportions and the zen-like vibe. I want to start doing this at home. Pampa-kalma.


Sautéed snow peas – We’ve been doing a lot of barbecuing at home and consuming copious amounts of meat. My body now is craving for vegetables. This is my favorite greens to cook. Gisa-gisa lang ang katapat!


Clarins Stubborn Curves Solution Treatment – The Clarins Skin Spa at the 5th floor of Rustan’s Makati have rooms for skin spa services using luxurious Clarins products. There are three expert treatment packages to promote firmer, softer and smoother skin at a special price! My favorite is the Package 1: 1 Personalized Body Treatment; 1 Personalized Body Wrap Treatment. Enquire at Clarins: +632 817 8414 | +632 813 3739 loc 271; check out their website, click here.


Razon’s – Old-fashioned halo-halo, sisig and bistek tagalog are some of my Pinoy favorites! Aryanna and I go to Razon’s, Greenbelt 1 at least once a week to get our fix. Razon rocks!


Homecooked breakfast by Tom – I cook 80% of the time at home so when my husband prepares a meal for me I’m so grateful! Bae and bacon are the best combo!


Have a happy and peaceful Sunday!

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