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How’s everyone surviving the 40 °C temperature in Manila? Sometimes I wish I could just pack up the family and go on a vacation to somewhere cooler but it’s not that easy for us. Our schedules are tight with all our projects and we’re also busy with some renovations at home. Despite the heat, I’m quite happy staying in the city and just spending time with the children. It’s that time of the year when they are on school break and it gives Tom and me the opportunity to have quality time and create memories with them.

Here are some of my favorite things and moments:

1. Taking photos of gardens – This has become my pastime. I need inspiration for the front yard, courtyard and tree lawn of Maison Epperson!


Love the mix of greens!

2. Dinner out with Aryanna and Dylan – Dressing up for dinner and trying new restaurants with the whole family is special.


My constant dinner dates at Tapenade in Discovery Primea.

3. Pool time at Marriott Manila – I got a membership at the Health Club of Marriott Manila. I try to swim as often as I can to stay fit. I also enjoy the few hours of me-time.


Killer view at Marriott Manila pool area.

4. Eating Coconut Sorbet – I love anything coconut and the Coconut Sorbet in Marriott Cafe is the best! Great for cooling down and it has less calories than ice cream.


5. Dylan’s playtime – I love it when my son gets involved in different activities. Whether it’s summer reading classes, sports, or just helping out in the house. It brings me joy just watching him play. These moments are precious and letting a kid be a kid is an important aspect in child rearing.


What are your favorite moments this summer?

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