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As a celebrity stylist, I’ve been privileged to work with some of most creative people in the business.

Whenever I’m styling for a TVC (TV commercial), I always look forward to seeing the set designs especially when shooting inside the studio. I pay attention to the sets and look for inspirations that I can bring into my home.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of talented production designers that create the most fabulous spaces, backgrounds, and sets for TVCs. It’s amazing how they can build sets in a few days or even a few hours with beautiful details to boot! It’s mind-boggling.

I recently worked on a TVC that involved 7 or 8 (or was it 9?) set changes. Each set was made with attention to detail. It was awesome! The production designer I worked with was Debbie Villanueva and her team. They were awesome!

I’m sharing with you my favorite set design from that shoot. I thought all of us could get tips on how to create a “Fancy Feminine” space in our home.

The TVC:

Meet production designer, Debbie Villanueva.

Isn’t Debbi so chic?

Color swatch:chocolate, mustard, pink, gray, and white

Fab furniture: Chesterfield-style sofa, white bookshelf, neoclassical coffee table, white cabinet/bookcase, pedestal-style table, modern dining chairs

Anatomy of a “Fancy Feminine” space = “Curvy” furniture + Modern pieces + Wallpaper/treatment+ Chandelier +  Silver accessories + Photo gallery + Fresh flowers + Luxurious rug

Tip: A pop of pink instantly gives a “feminine” vibe to your space.

I love the wall treatment! At first, I thought it was wallpaper, but according to Debbie, they used stenciled mustard-colored graphics on the chocolate-colored wall. D.I.Y. project na ito!

Tip: White furniture and accessories are good contrasts to a dark-colored wall. I’m in love with the white bookcase! Debbie, I want this!

Crystal/glass chandeliers spell fancy.

Tip: To make the “Fancy Feminine” space less lavish-looking and more home-y, add by modern pieces like the dining set and some fresh flowers as seen below.

If God is in the details then accessories are your savior!

Tip: A photo gallery using different styles of picture frames makes the “Fancy Feminine” room look more homey.

On the set: play at work.

(Photo taken by Instagram)

O, di ba? Todo lang akong nagbahay-bahayan sa set! Haha!

I’ll start documenting the sets I’ll be working on so that I can share more decorating tips!

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