Family Bonding Time: Singapore, Day 2

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When it comes to family bonding, creating memories and having fun are on top of the Epperson’s list and this includes traveling. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post on our Singapore trip (read here), it was my first time to travel with just my boys as Aryanna had school and couldn’t get away.

This recent family trip allowed me to hangout with Dylan one-on-one and I was able to watch my son mature before my eyes. It was amazing and memorable but bittersweet at the same time because my boy has become little-mister-independent!! He went on his own adventures (while I lurked behind him in a stealth ninja mode, haha) and had a great time with very little help from his dad and me. Nooooooooooo!! Please stop the time! Seriously speaking, it’s amazing how a change of atmosphere can also change children. It only proves that the world truly is the best teacher.

Day 2 of our Singapore adventure:

A visit to S.E.A. Aquarium


At the S.E.A. Aquarium, you can observe more than 100,000 creatures of over 800 species, across 10 different zones in 49 different habitats from dangerous sharks to endangered species!



This was Dylan’s first time to visit a giant aquarium and he loved it! He was delighted by the sea creatures and being around kids who were as giddy as him.



My husband took this candid photo of Dylan and me while we were watching a video at S.E.A. Aquarium. The way he looks at me. I melt.


We were literally submerged in an intriguing marine world where over 800 species of aquatic creatures awaited. So cool! Being around the ocean creatures in S.E.A. Aquarium made my son more knowledgeable and appreciative about the water world and that life above and under the sea are important.

Being around the ocean creatures in S.E.A Aquarium made my son more knowledgeable about the water world and that life above and under the sea are important.

A visit at Trick Eye Museum


The Trick Eye Museum in Singapore is a 3D optical illusion art exhibit, where you can take crazy photos using the art technique ‘Trompe-l’oeil’ (Trick of the Eye) to create optical illusions, making flat paintings appear 3D!


It’s a museum where the rules such as “no touching” or “no photography” do not exist. In fact, visitors are encouraged to interact with the paintings and to take as many photos as they want. How amazing is that?

It is also a place where adults and kids can make their dream come true no matter how wild they are.


Being a ballerina, this split position is one of my dreams, haha!!


The boys getting all silly. My son was totally having the best and funniest time in the museum with his dad!


It takes many years to train a monk but it only takes a few minutes to learn kung-fu in Trick Eye Museum. It’s every boy’s dream!


Literally, head of the table.


Like son, like father


Observe the happiness and excitement in my son’s face!


Huli ka! LOL

Our visit to the Trick Eye Museum was one of the most creative. To be honest, it took us very little time touring the museum but we made lots of fun memories to last us a lifetime.

Lunch at Good Old Days


I’m in love with Good Old Days’ black & white, colonial-style exterior!

All play and no food makes us “hangry.”

Good Old Days in Singapore is conveniently located in Sentosa. The 2-storey casual dining place serves local cuisine from Singapore Laksa to Singapore Chicken Rice.


It was Dylan’s first time to try Chicken Rice and he liked it! He’s usually quite picky with food but I realized that he was more open to other food choices during our travel. Awesome sauce!

Dylan’s adventure in KidZania


At KidZania Singapore, kids learn about different professions through role-play in a fun and functioning city.

Parents are encouraged to let their child figure things out by themselves and learn through play. Tom and I are so on board with this concept!



Off to the bank to get some play money. By letting my son do things on his own, I realized that he has a take-charge kind of attitude and was able to focus on each task quite effortlessly. He visited the bank on his own, confidently approached the bank teller with his queries, and withdrew money from the ATM with ease. #proudparentmoment

Kids take on jobs, carry out assignments and can earn or spend money. Basically, they take role-playing in this place very seriously.


The minimum age for most activities is 4 years old. Kids below the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times inside KidZania Singapore. Tom and I pretty much left Dylan on his own and we occasionally took photos behind the glass just to document our trip. I could sense that my son, who is also an extrovert, loved being independent and according to him, liked the idea of “making lots of money!” Oh, boy. LOL.


My son bringing home the bacon er, beef.


Not only did Dylan loved working in the BBQ store, he also loved eating them!


Done for the day and ready to spend his hard earned play money.


On to his next job — fireman in training. I loved how he was so attentive during the training. Who knew he can be so focused despite the very distracting fireman gear and activities that awaited him


Ahhh, how cute are they?!!!


After training, kids are immediately put into “work” and hosed down the burning building.


Enjoying the fruits of his labor. My son quickly learned how life works — work smart, spend smart.

Luge and Skyline Adventure


The Luge & Skyride are one of the main attractions in Sentosa, Singapore. I’ve tried these rides with Aryanna before and we loved it! I knew my boys would be psyched too!


We are a family who loves heights so taking the Skyline was thrilling!


Ahhhhhhhhh!!! How high can we go?


Aside from the excitement of riding the Skyline, the breath-taking views of Singapore were really something. The city’s skyline was clear, clean and amazing!


Tom and Dylan could not wait to ride the luge! My son in particular loves to race and riding the luge was pretty major for him.


As I predicted, both Tom and Dylan loved the luge so much that they did it twice! I stayed behind this time as I’ve already tried it before and wanted to take photos of my racers.


Someone clearly having a great time.


My son came down the track so fast that I missed him!! He also beat his dad LOL.


Riding the luge was a first for my son and it was evident from his face that it would not be the last.

Watched Wings of Time


Wings of Time is a spectacular outdoor night show set against the majestic open sea. Be mesmerized by awe-inspiring display of water, laser, fire effects and music as you soar through space and time in a magical adventure!


This Award Winning Outdoor Night Show is definitely a must-see when visiting Singapore. My son was in awe of the light play, music and the fireworks! It was also interesting how he grasped the story about the magical bird easily.

Dinner at Mykonos on the Bay


Finally, after a super packed day 2 in Singapore it was time to relax and unwind at Sentosa Cove. We all had a great time walking on the boardwalk by the bay to go to dinner. It’s a charming area worth visiting especially if you want a quiet time with your loved ones.


My dapper boy ready to eat. Again.


Dinner by the bay at the Greek resto Mykonos on the Bay.


My favorite dinner dates!

We had dinner al fresco and enjoyed the view of the bay.


Yummy authentic Greek food served! Be sure to order all the salads because the produce in Singapore is top-notch!


I just died and went to cheese and veggies heaven!!


Finger lickin’ good!

Traveling to Singapore is one the most memorable family trips we’ve done as it created an opportunity to escape routine, learn new experiences and connect with each other. It was also rewarding to see my son become more self-reliant, more brave and more resilient. Our hearts are full.

Here’s a compilation of my Snaps during our trip!


Singapore is definitely a destination where families can enjoy an exciting mix of fresh and innovative experiences to create unforgettable family “firsts” moments.

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Thank you Singapore Tourism Board for supporting this trip! All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks my dear readers for supporting collaborations that have kept’s doors open all these years. I super appreciate it!

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