Family Bonding Time: Singapore, Day 4

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Singapore has been so good to my family since the first day we’ve arrived—from the delicious food to the fun adventures. Tom and I also had a stress-free time touring the city with our son Dylan as it is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Asia. Everything from the clean pavements to the kid-friendly facilities make traveling with children easy.

When traveling with an active son like ours, variety is key. Singapore is not only a mecca for the arts, fashion and culture it is packed with activities, restaurants and sights, sounds and new things to experience for the young and the young-at-heart.

Day 4 of our Singapore adventure:

Lunch at Arteastiq

Arteastiq is a boutique tea house oasis that offers a respite from the bustle of the city. The premium tea lounge has an elegant ambience with a comprehensive medley of artisanal tea selections for all occasions a delicious dishes.




A chic welcome


I love the idea of these birdcage lamps!


Tea time with my son. Missing Aryanna though.


Tom looking very “hangry” haha!


Love this unique and yummy Lychee tea!


Two words: Burrata Salad


Dylan ordered Tortillas and Sweet Potato Fries. Parents will love their healthy menu!


I had to: Salted Egg Pastaaaaaaaaahhh!



My silly goose devouring his happy meal.

One of the most exciting part of our trip was art jamming in Arteastiq. The tea lounge/resto is incorporated seamlessly into the art studio to provide an entirely new therapeutic experience that exposes the inner artist in all of our customers while sipping tea or wine.

We were given a canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, brushes and other equipment and allowed to let our imagination come to alive without any inhibitions. Each session includes a complimentary beverage to complete the experience.



When we told Dylan that there were no rules to what he wants to paint, he was eager to paint!


My budding artist at work. Observe the concentration, haha!!


Dylan naturally loves art. Painting is a great way to stimulate his brain and express creativity. He enjoyed the session so much that he finished painting in less than 30 minutes.


Et viola! My son’s masterpiece!

I’m glad we maximized our last day in Singapore before we headed to the airport. Eating and painting was the perfect combo to wrap up our trip. To be honest, Dylan wanted to stay longer and according to him, he wants to live in Singapore! Our stay in the city has definitely made a memorable experience for the Epperson’s. We loved it so much that when we were at the airport, we were already planning our next trip back to Singapore!

Here’s a short & sweet clip of our last day in Singapore:

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Thank you Singapore Tourism Board for supporting this trip! All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks my dear readers for supporting collaborations that have kept’s doors open all these years. I super appreciate it!

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