Entertaining: Bar Cart & Food Trolley

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I blame Hollywood Classics for my love of bar carts and food trolleys. They are the ultimate throwback to the ’50s and ’60s where women threw cocktail parties.


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The truth is, Tom and I hardly drink at home except for the occasional glass of wine during dinner or a hot tottie before sleeping or popping a bottle of Champagne to celebrate life’s small victories. Our bar cart is mainly used for entertaining guests.

I already blogged about my “bar cart” story and I’m happy that I finally found it:

I love my Society Social “Sedgewick” bar cart!

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Having a bar cart and/or a food trolley can add a touch of glamour to one’s space and while having additional storage. It’s handy to have one around especially when you live in a “shoe box”, like we do.

Dream come true: My very own bar car!

One of the luxuries of setting up a home bar or a wet bar is that it could save you lots of money when entertaining as suppose to hiring a bartender or a cocktail caterer.

Bar essentials: 

Bubbly. Always keep a bottle of bubbly in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of Champagne in the fridge. -Unknown

For an affordable alternative, buy cava or Prosecco.

“Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends.” ~ Monty Brogan

Assorted wines: Red, white, rosé

Stirred not shaken. A glass martini pitcher, stirrer, and martini glasses because it’s fun to create your own signature drink!

Shaken not stirred. If you prefer your drink shaken, get a cocktail shaker.

Clink not clunk. Invest on crystal glasses.

A dash of bling. Limited edition bottles make your drink cart more special.

I love these limited edition Absolut Vodka containers!

Fun shots! Sometimes, silly does it! Shot glasses are “small but terribly fun”! Haha!

My current obsession: Anything Anne Taintor

Screw it! Unless you want to be a cork sucker, you need this.

Meet the muse of my bar cart, Alessi’s “Anna G.” corkscrew by Alessandro Mendini

Play & display. If you have bottles, glasses, wines, and other liquor you collect, display them in your bar cart.

I collect limited edition water bottles.

Books and boys. Because we are not know-it-alls, a drink kodigo is handy to have around. A photo of your favorite “bartenders” is also a must! Haha!

The manuals and men in my life!

Something vintage. Old’s cool. Period.

A gift from my BFF Tim Yap. He really knows the way to my liver, er, heart! LOL

Just when I thought having a bar cart was the best thing in life (CHOZ!), look what I got during the SM Home sale:

A two-tiered white food trolley at 20% off! Yaaaaay!

A food trolley is helpful to have when entertaining—it’s like an extension of your sideboard/console table. It’s also mobile that you can roll it from the dining area to the living room with ease.

Great for added storage for dishes, trays, fruit baskets, and decorative pieces.

You can use it as a dessert or pica-pica cart too.

Soft caramels and my birds, John & Marsha. Haha!

I rest my case.

Quotable quotes:

Dr. Lawrence Bradford (William Powell): “What is a cocktail dress?”
Paula Bradford (Jean Arthur): “Something to spill cocktails on.”
-The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)

On that note, slip a cocktail dress, call up your best friends and pop a bubbly! Life is one big celebration!

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