Easy Makeup Tutorial By A Millennial For Moms

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Like what I mentioned before, I get a lot of my beauty and makeup tips from my daughter Aryanna who has become skilled at applying makeup. What I love about her makeup tips is that they are easy, youthful-looking and she uses some of the latest and best products.

Those of you who are familiar with my daughter’s YouTube channel know that it’s been a while (10 months to be exact) since she did a video because she’s been busy with school, taping for MTV, hosting and basically living a normal teen life. Just like some of her “Pepper fans” I’m also excited to learn from her latest makeup tutorial! Sa wakas, Aryanna!!

Let’s watch:

Even though she did a Barbie-style makeup for teens, moms can adapt the mauve hues and “glo up” techniques my daughter used on her face to achieve a youthful and vibrant look.

The best part of of having a young teen as a daughter who loves make up is that we can both share some of the coolest and latest beauty products!

To find out the details of the products Aryanna used, click here. Also, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel!

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