Easy & Long Life Foliage Arrangements

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Decorating with leaves, bamboo sticks and long lasting flowers are perfect for the schizo weather we’re experiencing.

Hold off buying fresh cut flowers until the weather is cooler. The heat in the city shortens the vase life of flowers. But don’t feel you should have to live without flowers in your home. There are lots of foliage, long lasting flowers, twigs and sticks that are available in the flower market to use for your arrangements.

Here are some of my favorites:

Renaissance leaves

I just love the size and silhouette of these giant greenery! They are affordable and create a stunning impact in your home.

The new Maison Epperson has super high ceiling so tall foliage arrangements work. Although, even when we were living in our previous tiny condo, I used them for my arrangements. There’s an old rule that small floral arrangement in a small space is the way to go, but a few large leaves in a small room will often make it look bigger. It’s all about playing with proportions.

Phalaenopsis orchids, or “moth orchids”

These are probably the most popular flower used for decorating residential and commercial spaces as they are one of the most resilient and sturdy orchid types out there. With proper care, they can last for months, and their blossoms put on a great show to boot!

White-colored phalaenopsis orchids are easy to decorate as the pristine classic color blends well with any interior. Personally, I prefer the fuchsia-colored blooms for their dramatic effect.

Bamboo sticks

If you’re a minimalist or lazy when it comes to floral arrangements, bamboo sticks are the answer! Best part? They are zero maintenance.

Remember those big ginger jars from your grandmother and mother’s? Take the lid off and stick the bamboo (no pun intended) inside of the jar for a lovely arrangement.

Let’s all pray for cooler weather sans the storm and hellish flood so we can all start with our fresh cut flower arrangements, shall we?

I hope you guys enjoyed some of my tips in creating an inspiring space with affordable, practical yet stylish foliage arrangements. Tune in for more!

See you at the flower market!

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      Hi Rachel,

      I bought the Renaissance leaves and bamboo sticks at Rustan’s Flower Market.

      They should be available in other flower stores.


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