Easter Blessings

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My first Easter blessing:

Easter eggs from paPillo Fine Staioners owner Trish Panlilio. Thanks babe! An Easter egg hunt in “Maison Epperson” is in order.

Second is my everyday blessings; my kids.

While I was blogging at home, Tom took the kids to the park and came home with these priceless images of Aryanna and Dylan:

The sweetest siblings.

OMG. Dylan! Haha!

I see that my husband has influenced our son in some cool ways: he got him into wearing hats, kissing… with tongue (LOL), and…

Jeff Beck.

Tom, thanks for everything. You are my sweetest blessing.

Have a great Easter Day everyone! Let’s all count our blessings!

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  1. youre so blessed to be married to a sweet guy and a photographer at that!! love the photos.. your children are beautiful..happy easter!

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