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If you happen to see me in consecutive days wearing a chambray shirt and denim bottoms, chances are, they are not the same exact pieces but similar styles. Dapat bang i-explain???

Denim is officially my new LBD. As some of you may know, I only wore little black dresses the last three years. It became my uniform. “Uniforms” are the busy bee’s style saviour.

Denim on denim?! Yes, never say never!

So how does one reinvent the denim? You don’t. You love them for their versatility, function, and iconic look and you wear them to the ground! Haha!

While organizing my mini walk-in closet, I realized that 4 out of 5 of my wardrobe is now blue. Denim blue. I thought I’d shake things up and make denim “dressier” than dressed down!

The jeans. I added gold accessories to my all-denim ensemble for a touch of luxury. In other words, class. Haha!

Shirt, Marks&Spencer; Jeans, Forever 21; Ballerines, Tarte Tatin; Watch, Swatch; Bracelet, Hong Kong find; Bag, Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses, John Galliano, available at Ideal Vision

The shirt. I think tie-front shirts are chic! It also gives a woman a waist.

Shirt, Zara; Skirt, Linea Italia; Necklace, Korea find; Diamante cuff, New Yorker; Shoes, YSL

The jacket. The husband’s boyfriend’s jacket is best for keeping one warm plus, it’s sexy too!

Denim jacket (borrowed from hubby), Levi’s; Stripe top, Zara; Skirt, The Ramp Crossings; Necklace, Korea find; Boots, Hong Kong find; Sunglasses, John Galliano

The evening wear. I love the contrast of between the formal serpentina-cut skirt with denim fabric! The button-all-the-way-up bleached chambray almost looks like a tux shirt!

Shirt, Banana Republic; Denim skirt, Rhett Eala; Belt, Hong Kong find; Shoes, YSL

Di ba, keri ang denim on denim? Ubusan lang ng maong!

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  1. i absolutely adore denim in 10 million ways, and your different takes on denim are sheer fabulosity. long live jenni & denim!♥

  2. The first look is just perfect for 9-5 and after 5 look! just change shoesay! Perfect also for mothers (like me) who do errands and still want to look fab! Achievin’ ko yang outfitey na yan! but first, I have to find the perfect denim shirt. Thanks Mother! 😀

  3. I sooo love the first look!!! What type of jeans(skinny jeans, straight cut etc.) would I buy if I intend to fold the ends of the jeans like what you did on the first picture? I was really happpy to see this look cause I’ve been trying to do this on my jeans also. Nice outfit!!! I lurve it!!♥♥♥

  4. i so looove the first look for you but i want to try the last look,kya lang yung polo, diko type talaga mag shirt ng pang lalaki pero i can also find pang babae na ganyan din ang itchura (i mean yung panel na left over right pang lalake).

  5. i looooove the first look….the top. the jeans, the bag, the shoes ohhhh i love em all! hope i can pull off that look one of these days. ^^

  6. Hi Jenni, I have been coming back to this particular post for God knows how many times already. I’m smitten by the Louis Vuitton bag you have in one of the pics. I tried searching the net to know what model it is, to no avail. Finally, got the courage to write and ask. Am finally getting my first LV real soon (I so love Christmas!!!) and will be checking out the model that you have here. Would you be so kind to tell me what model is it? Thanks.

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