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I believe that I live a simple life — I work, go home, cook, spend time with my family, hangout with friends, eat, sleep, and so on. I live a productive life with no complications. Life is good.

I have to admit though, sometimes I get bored. I need to escape and get lost in a dream. By doing so, it allows me to be creative and it adds spice to my life. Life is beautiful that way.

Getting lost in an oasis of luxury is one of my favorite past times. Like what they say, “Dreams are free…”

Here are some dreamy delights that I want in my life:

Top, L-R:

Il Borro, Tuscany. Il Borro is a luxury hotel and spa owned by the Ferragamo family. The sprawling estate has also a winery. I would love to stay with Tom in one of the rooms of their salmon-colored Villa, relax at Il Borro’s Spa and experience the joy of aperitivo and eat homemade pasta all day! It would be a grand and fun Italian adventure with my husband.

Cire Trudon in “Odalisque” (Orange Blossoms). Lighting this particular candle is like burning money — they’re expensive! Haha! It’s the only scent I like in this brand. I find their fragrance overpowering compared to other brands, but their limited edition “Orange Blossom” scent is divine. It’s like being enveloped in an orange orchard. The aroma is refreshing and decadent at the same time. Mmm…

Rhapsody by Kelly Wearstler. I’m a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler. I’m excited to buy her latest book and get lost in her interior dream world!

Bottom, L-R:

Apple iPhone 5. Everyone wants their hands on this gadget. So do I!

Coco Chanel “Noir” Eau De Parfum. It’s black, it’s Chanel, it’s love!

Reed Krakoff bag. The first time I laid eyes on the belted Boxer bags, I was mesmerized! I love the structured style and the limited branding of the bag.

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