Don’t Say Cheese

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So my daughter introduced me to PopBooth.

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Aryanna: “Check out this PopBooth app, mom!”
Me: “Cool. What is it?”
Aryanna: “It’s a virtual photo booth.”
Me: “Ooh! I love photo booths!”
Aryanna: “Let’s try it!”
Me: *posing* “Say cheese!”
Aryanna: “What are you doing?”
Me: “Uhm, posing?”
Aryanna: “Mom! Don’t be corny. Don’t say ‘cheese’.”
Me: “I want nice pictures, eh!”
Aryanna: “Boring.”
Me: “Let’s switch sides then. This is my angle.”
Aryanna: “Boring.”
Me: “Well, at least put me inside the frame!”
Aryanna: “Boring.”
Me:Ayoko na!
Aryanna: “Mom. Mom. Mom. Just let go. This is going to be fun!”

At home. Our very first “PopBooth”.

At the grocery. Who bought all the fresh thyme???

Lunch at Kenji Tei. We’re hungry!

Beauty day at Henri Calayag Salon.

Shopping at Adora. Playing dress-up is fun!

OMG! That was so much fun!

Sometimes we have to listen to children with an open mind because they can teach us a thing or two. Kids teach us how to not take ourselves too seriously. They do not put the same value on saving time as we do; they live for the moment. They teach us spontaneity.

Parents teach life skills and prepare kids to be adults some day. Children have a way of teaching us how to be young… to be free.

I love you, Aryanna!

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