Decorating for Easter

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When the palaspas and bunnies come out, you know it’s going to be a happy day. We welcome both Christ and the Easter Bunny into our lives this Easter.

Easter is also the transition into Spring or in our case, Summer, so no matter which direction you take your Easter egg-inspired decor, the goal should be to keep things light.

Keeping it stylish — not cheesy. The key to decorating for Easter without getting cheesy is to keep things simple: Small and subtle items make for an overall elegant and fun statement.

Let’s play bahay-bahayan, shall we?

Itlog lang ang katapat! LOL

Tip: Glass containers filled with Easter eggs are stylish and affordable decorations for the home.

Easter blooms! I’ve had this bunch of Statice flowers for ten weeks already and they still look amazing! It’s the perfect flower for any occasion!

Ea$ter décor at Maison Epperson!

Tip: Throw pillows on your living room sofas create a new feel without looking overly decorated.

Tip: Put out a decorative bowl and fill it with brightly colored Easter candies to add an element of fun.

What’s Easter without candies? Got these Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs at the grocery, they are malted milk candies in a crunchy shell. I love the Spring colors too!

Check out what’s waiting on our bar cart! We’re ready for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow!

Meet Roger, my son Dylan’s rabbit stuffed toy.

Easter is about new beginnings. Start creating a fun and fab space in your home and office. For example, resurrect a drab room with a fresh coat of paint or buy new throw pillows to accessorize an old couch.

It’s time to welcome Summer with a new perspective and a fresh vibe in your life and in your homes.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, are you ready for Easter? What preparations have you made?

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