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Aryanna just got her first Moleskine this year thanks to her Dad. Tom couldn’t remember who gave him the “Artists Wanted” Moleskine but when our daughter asked for it, he couldn’t say no. Moleskine is a great brand for designers, artists, and travelers because the durability that it guarantees your writing. It can preserve your writing for years! Perfect for Aryanna’s teenage thoughts!

Aryanna’s Moleskin diary

I wish I could share with you my daughter’s diaries. I never (may lightning strike me now) read them unless she wants me to. She shares with me some of the pages in her diaries — her rants, doodles, collages, poems, and songs she and her friend Mikah wrote. They are special. One day, if she’ll allow me, I will blog about her music and her stories.

I almost passed out when she deconstructed her Moleskine, but in the end, I love what she did!

Anyway, since she was 6 yrs old, she’s been keeping a diary. This year, she graduated from cutesy diaries to Moleskine. Lagot, ang mahal. Haha! Oh well, one can’t put a price on art. I look forward to Aryanna’s stories and music. I hope she’ll share it one day with the world. I’m crying now so I better stop.

This button proves that she’s still a kid! Yay!

I love seeing her grow into the lady that she is! Eventually, her dad’s gift can let her love the journey herself…when she reads the pages again in the future. Sigh. Now excuse me, I need to go emote again. Oh how fast they grow!

I asked Aryanna if I could share a page of her diary on my website and here’s what she showed me:

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  1. Hello Ms Jenni!
    I’m sure your daughter will grow up to be one fine lady, with all the support and encouragement she’s getting from her parents.

    I’ve been keeping journals too since I was in gradeschool. Maybe I should try out Moleskine too. After all, I’d like to preserve these memories for as long as possible.

    Keep on writing great stuff. =)

  2. Ow. Aryanna is so talented. 🙂 Someday i will have children as lovely and wonderful as yours! Goodluck Ms. Jenni and more powers!

  3. I’m just a few years ahead of Aryanna but I’m amazed by her talent.

    How I wish I’d be a mother like you! How’d you mold her? Maybe you should write a book about it ’cause most books are foreign-based. And it would be really lovely if you write one that has a Filipino setting.

    Anyhoo, what materials did Aryanna use? My moleskine let’s some of the ink go through pages.

  4. it’s all because of you & sir tom 🙂 i admire aryanna for everything. her love for art, music & fashion as well. ms.jen, the very first time i saw your blog, i got attached to it, it’s like addiction 🙂 i seldom make comments, but i always read them, even aryanna’s tumblr. 🙂
    more power to u and ur family. 🙂 high5 to dylan & sir tom. 🙂 Godspeed.

    1. Post

      Hi Emmylou!
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It means a lot to me.
      Thanks also for all your support!
      High five to you! LOL


  5. As a mother, reading how well you communicate & your relationship with Aryanna makes me cry. It’s just too beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Also, goosebumps for Aryanna’s beautiful illustrations. She’ll be a fine artist someday that’s for sure! 😀

    1. Post

      Thanks Jackie!
      The key to a healthy relationship is communication. In my opinion, when it comes to dealing with children, an opened mind and heart do wonders!
      Encourage kids to find their passion. Let them try new things — it’s the only way they’ll know what they like or dislike. With a watchful eye, give them space to grow.
      Love above all is the answer!

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