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Breaking News, Ladies!

This year’s most anticipated make up line is finally here! Oh yes. Tom Ford is coming OUT… Out in stores, I mean!

Tom Ford with model Lara Stone

The Tom Ford make up line is launching this September 3, stirring a buzz all over the fashion world. Tom Ford, the dashing and debonair designer is extending his reach beyond clothing, and there’s an interesting story behind it! He says he has always been very concerned with women’s beautifying regimens, because when he was 14, he tried to put cucumbers on his eyes and they got swollen shut! Wawa!

Di type ni Tom ang cucumber! LOL

Thank god for cucumbers though because this year, he is applying his expertise on fashion and beauty on our faces! Over 136 products of full range cosmetics are to be launched in a few days, from skin care products to brushes to all sorts of colors to make you feel like a total glamazon!

Tom Ford Beauty collection

But wait, there’s more! He will also be launching 2 new fragrances, and nail lacquer this December! Working with the same makers of YSL make up, you know that this is going to be a collection for the crème de la crème… and well, for anyone who can afford it. Price is pretty steep at an average of 70Euros a palette, but come on! It’s Tom Ford. I love you, Tom Ford!

Diva digits and palettes

Can’t wait to see this out in Manila! But first, time to make ipon. Haha!
I think at the rate that he’s going every girl in the world will want to have Tom as a GBFF!

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  1. Hi jenni,

    Have u got your hands on some Tom Ford makeups? I’ll buy a ton of them next week here in Milan I just thought I’d ask your opinion about your fave products. I’ve never used a primer and would get one (seeing it’s from TF, must be real good) and the stick foundation (plus a couple of lippies and nail polish), what are your thoughts? Or the thoughts of your friends who are in the makeup industry. there aren’t a lot of reviews about his makeup line in the US nd Europe cos it’s expensive (can’t review without buying them!)….I’d really appreciate it! Email me for the deets, thanks!

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