Crowd-Pleasing Coconut Banana Smoothie

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Finally, a smoothie that the entire family loves!

Everyone at home has their own preferences on how they want their smoothies done. Aryanna likes her drink extra creamy so I have to use less ice while Tom and Dylan like theirs not too thick and with lots of ice. I drink the leftovers. Story of my life.

I tried a new smoothie recipe and I’m so happy everyone likes it they way I make it. Hallelujia, konti na lang ang hugasan!

Hope you like it too.

Coconut Banana Smoothie



1 1/2 cup fresh buko juice or Vita Coco (I like the taste of this brand compare to other boxed coconut juice)
1 plain yogurt
1/2 cup fresh coconut milk or Kara Coconut Milk or any canned coconut milk
2-3 fresh or frozen bananas (I usually use frozen bananas for smoothies but I ran out for this recipe)
4-6 ice cubes
1 tbsp. brown sugar (optional)


Easy peasy:

Step 1: Freeze the coconut milk. If you’re using canned ones, be sure to transfer it to a container, I suggest pouring it into an ice cube tray. Frozen coconut milk mimics the texture of a sorbet and will also make your smoothie creamier.


TIP: I lift the top of the tetra pack before I freeze my boxed coconut milk so it’s easy to cut the top and pop out the frozen milk.

Since I used a boxed coconut milk, it’s easy to cut the tetra pack and pop the frozen coconut milk into the blender.


Step 2: Pour all the ingredients into a blender


Step 3: Blend till smooth


Step 4: Serve with a smile! 🙂


We’ve all been drinking this everyday! It’s delicious, filling and refreshing! A must-try!!!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tell me how you like it!

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