Change of Season Home Décor

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Please feel free to skip this post if you think the idea is pretentious.

Now, if you are as passionate as me in creating an inspiring space in your home, read on.

Summer is over and so is the look of our current living space. I’m ready for the “Ber” months with all its trimmings! The cool weather is approaching so it’s time to warm things up at home.

For starters, I’ve busted out some animal skin that have been in storage.

If these weren’t gifts, I would buy faux animal rugs.

It’s time to shake things up at Maison Epperson!

Sheep skin

My friend Celine Lopez called it first: “It’s fur season!”

I’m not planning to wear fur but our living room couch is willing.

Like what I wrote before, my approach to home decorating is of a fashion stylist. Just like transitional wardrobes, transitional décor from Summer to cool weather season should be inspiring but never breaking the bank.

I still use the “Summer” throw pillows I scored from Our Home and just added texture.

Our couch is like the little black dress (LBD)—easy to accessorize, practical, and the possibilities are endless.

Sheep skin + Toy = “Glam Fun” style

Home Fun Home

Cow hide

I never liked our parquet floors but it gives me a reason to dress them up with different rugs.


With the new addition of different textures to our home, I just know that I’m on the right track—Aryanna can prove it:

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” – Coco Chanel

Aryanna: “Our couch is cozy now. I could sleep here the whole day.” Zzz…

My little boy just woke up from his nap, so kyoot!

You cannot peel these two off the couch even if you tried!

Aryanna: “This couch is furry nice!”

Sweet siblings

Tune in for more change of season home décor at Maison Epperson!

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