Caldereta Lasagna

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Warning: Skip this post if you’re on a diet. Really. I mean it.

Sige, ang kulit n’yo, basta, you’ve been warned.

I’ve been on a strict diet for the past few weeks and all I can say for now is that I’ve finally found something that’s right for me. I will blog about it as soon as I’m done with the program.

I was doing pretty good following the doctor’s order until…

Mons Tantoco introduced me to Kaye Tinga. Haha!

The loveliest housewives of Manila recently invited me to view W/17 (read my post here: …

W/17 merienda buffet

Beautiful flower arrangements by Mabolo!

The star of the buffet: Katrina Ponce Enrile‘s Caldereta Lasagna

Why Katrina? Why? LOL

How can one resist this???


Dear Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo,

I cracked. I craaaaaaaacked!

I ate something I’m not suppose to eat!

This. Is. The BOMB!

What’s not to like?

Caldereta? Gooooood!
Pasta? Gooooood!
Cheese? Gooooood!
Caldereta + Pasta + Cheese = Genius!

Honestly, after I tried this dish I couldn’t help but gush about it to Mons and Kaye! I’m a bit embarrassed because I think I talked about how yummy it was to everyone at the table! LOL

Clearly, Kaye picked up on my obsession because she sent me this:


Nooooooo! Not again Kaye! Nakakahiya na! Haha! OMG. Thank you!



I was out when the Caldereta Lasagna was delivered to my place. Tom and Aryanna got home before me and texted me this:

Tom: “So, this is the famous Caldereta Lasagna.”
Aryanna: “Mom! Someone sent you Caldereta Lasagna!”
Me: “Don’t eat it yet!!! I have to take photos!”
Tom: “Oops.”
Me: “TOM!!!”
Aryanna: “Dad dove at the lasagna. I warned him.”

This was the state of the dish when I got home. If you notice, I only took a partial photo of the container above because binutas lang naman nila yung lasagna! Ugh.


It took all my will power not to eat this. I even cut a big piece and kept it in the freezer so that when I can finally eat normal food I could indulge eating the Caldereta Lasagna. Haha!

My stash

Wait for me!

Buuuuut, I couldn’t take it. Tao lang. I had three big bites of Aryanna’s serving. It was all worth it!

My Kryptonite

This is one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever had! You must try it!

Say cheese!

This will definitely be part of the Epperson’s Christmas dinner menu!

If you want your dish to be the star of the Christmas potluck party or Sunday brunch with the family, bring this!

I was invited again by some of the loveliest housewives of Manila for lunch next week. I’m looking forward to it as they will be taking me to a special place! Stay tuned!

To order, call Gemma of Petra and Pilar at +63917. 5871580

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  1. Wow! It looks really good. I cook something that’s similar to this. Beef Stew lasagna. I wish you could taste it someday. Do you have an address where we can send you food, like your office or studio or whatever. Haha. Seriously Ms. Jenni, One of my Christmas wishes is to cook for you 🙂

  2. This is my first time to comment because I was moved- by food, as usual. I have a good caldereta recipe and since I can’t order from where I am, I will definitely cook my own version of caldereta lasagna for Christmas dinner.

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