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First of all, please excuse me for not updating my Amazing Readers category. “Backlog” is the enemy. Ugh.

Anyway, I have tons of pictures of all your dishes inspired by my recipes and photos of your homes inspired by “Maison Epperson” stored in my iPhoto. I will start posting them this week!

First up, here’s a nakakakilig na post from one of my readers. I was shocked at the level of home makeover that she did inspired by Maison Epperson! So heartwarming!

I received this via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yumyaco

From Mae Yumiaco:

Ms jenni!!! Have u seen the pics I’ve shared on your page? Hehe na inspire po ako sa pag decor m ng house, I renovated mine a bit sana pasado po sayo, hehe”

The inspiration: The Epperson’s home!!! *kilig*

Maison Epperson

Mae’s home

According to Mae, after decluttering and sprucing up her home, “We’re all tired but happy.”

I totally know how you feel! Decluttering in the beginning seems overwhelming but if you spend a few hours a day sorting your stuff and letting go of things, it’s so worth it!

Before photos:

Kalat-kalat levelz


After photos:

OMG!!! She painted her feature wall black just like Maison Epperson!!!

I think the pictures really popped with the dark wall.

Wow! I love the proportions!

Ay! May vignette din na naganap!

I love to play and display my shoes together with other home accessories Shoes are works of art so, go ahead and show them! Just be sure to clean them really well before doing so.

These kyoot spoon and fork cabinet knobs beat those giant wooden kutsara at tinidor, hands down! Haha!

Aaaaaat may game room pa!

When you declutter, you really gain so much space in your home.

Mae: “my bf helped me fix the house. he was incharge in buying those toys ( dart board and chess) Puro pinsan ko po kasama ko sa house heart young, wild and free lol! puro students sila”

Lovely floral arrangements

What a bright idea!

It’s one thing to take photos of food inspired by my recipes, but when someone does a home makeover inspired by my home decorating blogs that is the BOMB!!!

Thanks for this Mae!

Keep creating a happy home for you and your family!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in for more Amazing Readers posts! The photos are amazing! Don’t miss it!


Send me photos of recipes and home makeovers you’ve done inspired by by website via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email them to me at jenniepperson.com@gmail.com!

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