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Hello everyone! I’m still alive and I haven’t been buried by the boxes from our move. In fact, I’m happy to report that I have unpacked more than half already. I started organizing our books and the magazine collection that I have amassed over the years–OMG (insert: scary face emoticon). I’ve edited them down to 30% and they’re neatly displayed in one of the bookshelves.

Tom and I have collected beautiful coffee table books over the years. I was able to fit them all in our old bookshelves and they are now sitting pretty in our new Family Room. We still have tons of small and medium-sized paperback and hardbound books that need to be stored and the shelves are almost full.

If your house is filled with books and storage space is a problem here’s one way to decorate with and store books.

Convert your bar cart into a glorious book trolley!

Guests, friends and family can help themselves into a pool of assorted books at home.

A book trolley makes it easy to store books and redecorating your space will be a cinch with this roving wonder.

Happy reading!

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  1. Totally loving this idea Ms. Jenni! My husband and I moved in to our new place a few months back and are still figuring out how to organise books and decorate.

    Unrelated to this post but do you have any suggestions in picture frames and how to organise it on the wall etc?


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