Bloody Hell

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Oh yeah, another lipchook post.

M∙A∙C Cosmetics Semi Precious Colour collection. Imagine the impact, gleam and depth of colour as ethically mined minerals from Brazil work their mystique on Mineralize Skinfinish and Mineralize Blush. Limited edition….Get rich while you can!

Part of me doesn’t want to blog about MAC Cosmetics because I’m a bit ticked off at them, not at the staff (love them), but at the company because every time I go to their beauty counters in Glorietta or Powerplant Mall (trust me, I’m always pass by their counter. Ask their SA’s) their new arrivals seem to be always out-of-stock! I mean, is this a merchandising problem or do they get super duper limited edition stocks from their principals? For whatever reason it is, hindi nakakaganda.

Thank God, Bubbles Paraiso shared with me her beauty supplier,! Now I am able to get all the limited edition beauty chuchu stress-free! Ganda.

Excuse me for the bitch fit. I don’t expect freebies from makeup brands, I just want their makeup available to me. Fine, I’m bad. Whatever.

Anyway, here’s something every “bad” girl should have in their budoir: a “bloody” lippie

Order now at!

M∙A∙C Cosmetics Semi Precious Colour in “Musky Amethyst”

“Berry” nice!

The color of  “Musky Amethyst” is more on the purple than red hue. Very, very pretty pasa lang ang peg! LOL

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