“Blogging Bill”— ANO RAW?!!

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The first time I heard that someone was trying to pass a bill on regulating blogs, nabingi ako ng slight—ANO RAW?!

This is the problem—people don’t think about the stuff they say. Still, we’ve been blessed to be in a world that gives us the RIGHT to speak FREELY, especially since we’re in the vast realm of the internet. So pagbigyan. Tao lang.

It’s true, many people say many things—some true, some false, some original, some passed on. That’s the beauty of the enormous source that is the worldwide web. People are encouraged to read, forced to think, and empowered to take sides. Information dissemination has changed over the course of time, and now more than ever, that information is within reach and interaction is so strong that it has created some of the most historical of revolutions that we have seen in our lifetime.

If you’re a blogger and you know it, raise your legs

Before criticizing bloggers, know how it is to be part of this community. Bloggers are the voice of many, representing different views and sides about every issue imaginable, in and out of the country. Here you find a group of passionate, broad-minded individuals who—magkasabunutan na — will get their message across. We may be technically faceless, but we are not lifeless. What scares some people is that they know that this group is never voiceless…and is, if anything, relentless. I know, it rhymes.

Ayaw ni Naomi ng sabunutan. Karate chop na lang. Haha! Image via Steven Meisel


Regulating that voice, and hiding it behind the guise of a “bill of blogger rights” only makes bloggers speak some more, and louder. My only comment–are you sure you want to dive into something you’re not an expert of, more so, not even actively participating in? Wag magmarunong. You probably don’t even know what a blog is. You don’t even own a blog. I’m not sure you even do your own research. ANG TANONG: How are you finding out the voice of many? How do you understand the world beyond YOU. Bloggers are some of the most active and passionate writers and journalists, saying it as they see it, urging others to think and act. Amen?


Sabi nga ni J.Lo, “Let’s Get Loud!”

Don’t play the victim, be a survivor

Sure, you’re famous. Sure, everyone knows you. Your life is an open book. To be fair, you did take quite an online beating, but there is no way you can downplay how bad what you did looked. In school, kids are shamed to the wall when found cheating…you’re a full grown man with reputable position. Understand that simply by being a public figure, we have every right to watch your every move… and in our community, which you know nothing of, we don’t downplay things… AT LALO NA bawal mangopya. We respect by quoting others and giving them credit. Kung may dapat “iregulate”, pangongopya ang simulan. You did wrong. You can’t play the pity card here! Wag kang pabida! Lahat ng laws about you lang?! Ikaw na inapi! IKAW NA!

With all due respect sir, I personally respect you and our country’s support for you. Please, find it within you to respect your country’s views. Don’t be arrogant. Sometimes, an apology is all it takes. May I suggest eating a piece of Humble Pie? It’s fat-free, calorie-free, and it’s good for your heart. Try it! You’ll love it!

The Humble Pie is fat-free, calorie-free, and is good for your heart! Humble Pie – © Copyright 2011 by William Beem


Best beware. Anyone who is in power to take away something—does not necessarily stop a movement, especially when you have no knowledge of how powerful the revolution is. I am not against anyone. I am not against traditional politics, I am against careless statements – que original, que kinopya. ESEP-ESEP NGA MUNA!

Blogging Bill? Eh, Kill Bill kaya? HAAAAY! NKKLK.

That’s EAT!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what are your views about regulating blogs?

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