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I’m all about best buys. When you have two kids, a household to run, investments, and want to live a comfortable lifestyle, amazing deals and discounts are your best friends.

Here’s one exciting deal that everyone should take advantage: “A-Deals from Ayala Malls”

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Click the “Ayala Mall” ad box located on the right sidebar of my website.

Step 2: Sign up!


Step 3: Wait for confirmation


Ayala Malls Go Digital

The Ayala Malls 360˚ App is initially available only to iPhone and iPad (in beta) but will be available soon for Android and Blackberry users. You can now download the app for free!

Love it: Check the latest movies and store offerings in real-time without the need to call ahead.
You’ll never get lost again in any of the Ayala Malls with it’s cool shop/mall locator. Just click the icon and it will show you your current location and will lead you to what shop you want to go to.

Download the Ayala Malls 360 app now! It’s FREE!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who’s excited to access the most coveted deals from Ayala Malls’ A-Deals?

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