Balancing Family and Fashion: Trish Panlilio

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If there’s one mom that I can learn bringing up smart, funny, intelligent, and chivalrous sons, that would be my friend Trish Panlilio.

She is the youngest daughter of the late jeweler, Fe Panlilio, and mother to three amazing boys: Quintin, Matteo, and Luca Cu-Unjieng.

Growing up, my daughter Aryanna was always invited to Trish’s sons’ birthday parties. She loved attending their fun events because Trish would make sure that the kids had a blast: giant slides, kiddie shows, games, gifts, food carts, and other yummy treats made it extra special! Trish and her boys were always the quintessential hosts.

It is no surprise that when Trish ventured into the fine papers and balloon arrangement business, paPillo became an  instant hit! Her clientele includes socialites, celebrities, and anyone who is passionate about personalized gifts.

I caught up with my leggy friend one afternoon and decided to interrogate interview her for my website:

Trish’s style = Shorts + Tank top + Vest + Cool belt + Jewelry + Wedges + Aviators + Minimal makeup + Well-groomed hair

What’s your own definition of happiness?

A serene mind — being in the company of my boys whenever and wherever. Their affection (can’t have enough of those hugs and kisses) being with my partner “Bu”, discovering food and finding new places or being in the familiar and tasted. When by sea, sun and blue skies. True few loyal friends.

What were your dreams as a child?

It’s funny, to be a nun.

What’s a typical day for you?

I’m not a morning person, so I wake up close to noon, on rare days , I’m up at ten in the morning. After which I enjoy a hearty breakfast. paPillo matters follow, I am fortunate to have my little office at home. If I’m without errands I basically work out of the house, which leaves me open to be there for when the boys arrive from school. I prefer to have home cooked meals so dinner is always something I look forward to. On days that allow me free time, I make it a point to “be fit” and workout.

How do you balance family and fashion?

For me, they’ve always co-existed. Ever since my sons were little, to now that they’ve grown some — I’ve always been a tank top, T-shirt and shorts kind of person, simple and straightforward with a twist. I ascertained that i was comfortable without having to sacrifice not “looking nice”.

Coming from a family of jewelers, do you wear jewelry all the time? What’s your favorite piece and why?

The only jewelry that I wear always is a diamond cross from mom and a heart pendant from dad, given when I was little, both hang from one simple chain. These are my favorite pieces, they are heartfelt with meaning because of who they are from and my three toe rings, that never come off either.

What’s in your bag?

Never without tissue, two rosaries, a toiletry bag with these (my definition of essentials): eyelash curler, alcogel, a pillbox, wallet, my phone(s), a soft “cloudy” scarf (I’m always cold), and a few other things.

What are your beauty essentials?

Moisturizer, an eyelash curler, lip balm (Vaseline, petroleum jelly to be exact), and a sense of humor.

Where do you shop?

I now shop according to necessity (who thought the day would come?)and lately, haven’t been needing much. I shop online for shoes, since I’m never with a size here and sometimes for lingerie and swimsuits. I love Net-A-Porter, Pink for Victoria’s Secret, and Zara for basic shorts.

How do you keep fit?

I alternate TRX, vibration training (Power Plate) & Plana Forma.

What’s your secret in looking young?

It’s with great effort to be with a tranquil and de-cluttered mind. I find that when I’m able to do this, I feel lighter and younger (happier). Spending time with the boys keep me young (they kid that I’m the youngest, haha!) Finding humor in life, watching light films with “Bu”, gastronomic experiences, and lots of laughter all together, sometimes at yourself.
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