Balancing Family and Fashion: Mia de Lara

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Meet my design soul mate and the person responsible for the creating my logo and designing my website, Mia de Lara!

I first fell in love with Mia’s work when my best friends, Lounell and Tess gifted me invites that she designed for my last baby shower party. Since then, she has become my go-to person when it comes look of my brand. She is one of the most creative and professional woman I have worked with. She is punctual, meets deadlines, and always a pleasure to work with. She is amazing!

What’s even more impressive is that despite her busy schedule, she is able to juggle quality time with her children Coby and Annika and hubby Joseph while meeting deadlines.

She is a “rock star” in my books! SO it is just fitting that Mia should be the first mom I feature in “Balancing Family and Fashion” in my new website!

Thank you so much, Mia! I love my logo and my website! Alamoyan!

Mia’s style = Button down shirt + Denim pencil skirt + Bold accessories + Bejeweled wedges + Pixie hairstyle + Well-groomed nails


Biography of Mia de Lara

With a major in Visual Communication from the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, founder of Bloat & Ogle Design Manila and Pandango Design Canada, Mia de Lara has been in the graphic design industry for over 12 years.  After working (with her team) with globally recognized brands such as Nickelodeon Asia Pte.Ltd., San Miguel Corporation, Viacom Consumer Products and Procter & Gamble Asia, Mia decided to venture on her own by focusing on brand development, identities, packaging, and hand made illustration and art.  She launched Mobu Days in 2010.


Long before people tweeted, blogged, social networked, there was the plain ol’ email system (named Eudora and hotmail).  And there was Mia’s first electronic name, Mobu. Reminiscent of the days when messages meant handwritten notes, postage stamps and fancy paper, when art meant real paint, brushes and pencils, Mia finds inspiration once again from fine art and handmade influences.  She strives to veer away from purely computerized art to a mix of various paint media, pen & ink while maintaining the basic principles of graphic design.


Mia is also the editor of a design blog, (, a compilation of photography, graphic design, interior, typography and other things that spark imagination, creativity and inspiration.


While Mia loves design and all things made well,  her passion for her work is rooted in the understanding of the real purpose of design that goes beyond aesthetics –  the solving of problems that affect the greater humanity and all that is living around it through creative thinking and processes.  She is presently working on the integration of sustainable design with her work by creating more meaningful, socially and environmentally conscious design solutions.  She aims is to bring creativity and sustainability together through heightened awareness, inciting responsibility, and enabling other designers to embrace sustainability as their core design objective. By providing viable environmental solutions through research, learning, sharing, interaction and collaboration, it is her hope to further the cause to end global warming via all means creative.

Visit Mia de Lara’s website:

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  1. Hello Jennie! I’m tina mariano, an executive in Smart Communications. Cant help but express my appreciation for your blog site, loooove it! Im a homebody myself and I enjoyed reading your posts so much ( first time today ), I’ve spent almost an hour and a half of my morning already. My office room was renovated recently and I picked up some pretty good tips on how to liven it up.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. Keep it coming please… 🙂

    All the best,


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