Bahay-Bahayan: Year-Round Christmas Decor

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Christmas started early at Maison Epperson!

I think having a toddler again at home got the whole family excited for the holidays. After Aryanna’s incident with Santa and moving into a smaller place, we pretty much stopped buying Christmas décor. Except for the small pink Christmas tree we put up every year and using my Christmas plato-platuhan, those pretty much sum up our decoration for the festivities.

Well, those days are over. Tom and Aryanna are nervous. They know I can get pretty intense once I set my mind on something. Haha! I don’t want to go crazy decorating our home, but I do want to sprinkle some Christmas spirit all around our nest. Very, very light “sprinkling” lang. LOL

Since we have limited space and storage at home, a year-round holiday décor is what we need. Except maybe for a new Christmas tree. Hmm…we’ll see.

I’m no decorating diva but I do have a knack for making our space look fresh (my daughter’s word) every season. Every week. I’m obsessed. @.@

To create a “holly” day style decor, you would need the following:

Faux holly branches

A white or clear vase

White pebbles. I used them to cover the foam in the vase. You can also use them as fillers for your flower vase.

Arrange the holly branches in the vase then… Et viola!

Holly-day style all year round! I placed the Christmas décor in our library on top of one of the shelves.

I like using plain holly branches because they can pass as decorative berries and you can mdisplay them the whole year. You can also add a giant poinsettia to this arrangement if you like just to make it more “Christmas-y”.

Decorating tip (may tip talaga???): Group objects by theme—here, I used my kids’ toys and books—to create a point of interest on the shelf.

From left: Aryanna’s old “Fancy Nancy” Christmas book, Dylan’s carousel music box, and my holly vase

Here’s another set-up (aaanother set-up???):

Yes, iniiba-iba ko linggo-linggo…fine, sometimes, araw-araw ang interior namin. Bet kong magbahay-bahayan! To each his own! Haha!

From left: Dylan’s Christmas book and carousel music box, my gaudy tray, and our three-year old Christmas candle! Haha! Promise, sindihan ko na ‘to this year!

Who knew that having a baby in our home would open up new interests in my life. I’m loving home decorating! I’m so excited!

Happy “holly” days!

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  1. I love your holly-love decor! 🙂 time for more DIY Xmas decor this year…

    I actually bought just a few branches last year for a cylindrical vase but this idea of yours simply creates more impact talaga. As always, very resourceful and creative, thanks for the inspiration.

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      Thank you, Martine! I got the vase from SM Dept. Store. I love the faux croc print on the ceramic vase! Very, very fashyon lang! LOL

  3. I love the vase too! Thanks for sharing this, Jenni. We also have limited space (and storage) in our condo; Christmas decoration that would also be nice year-round is a fantastic idea!

  4. Oooooh winner si holly! My first time this year to decor in our own place. For the past 2 Christmas since I got married, it was a cherry-ful Christmas for my family. Cherry balls put in a tall clear vase ang Christmas decor namin, changing the Christmas mantle lang keri na! Thanks for sharing, now bye-bye cherry hello holly! LOL ay lav et!

  5. Love the idea! The holly branches stand out on the super white vase. Where did you get the faux branches by the way?

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jenni.

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  7. hi Jenni.. have been browsing your site and loved reading them especially how you so relate details of your topic.. got a nice idea from you cause i know i need decorating tips on our small home… I’ve got a vase already and hollies as well though a different version of it, i guess, but still so nice.. thanks… hope to see more deco tips from you…

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