Aryanna’s Grown-Up Kiddie Party

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Our family is big on celebrations. Heck, I even wrote about a book it: Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style

We often celebrate at home with a meal combining home cooked favorites and store-bought choices. It was Aryanna’s 17th birthday last week and we did something special and different.

Instead of our fine china, we raided a party place and bought paper plates and cups, plastic utensils, napkins and other birthday paraphernalia for that fun birthday party feel! Birthday girl and I bumped into a party store in Powerplant Mall called Celebrations Party Central in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell and we thought it a good idea to celebrate with a kiddie-themed family dinner before her coming of age 18th birthday next year!

The birthday girl

Adorbs party set-up

Pretty pails

Blow and sip in style

For the stylish celebrants: chevron and polka dot printed paper loot bags

Aryanna and I wanted to buy a piñata but decided against it as Tom might use the bat to hit us because of our crazy idea! Kidding!

Super kyooooot paper napkins!

Kid and drunken adult-friendly plates and stemware. Sige! Gow, magbasag kayo! LOL

Colorful cutlery and cups

Party favors

Always the joker

One happy shoppingera!

On the menu: our own recipes of sweet spaghetti (with carrots, fresh tomatoes and bell pepper, click here for the recipe) and one of Aryanna’s favorite desserts homemade apple pie along with some of her favorites: Aling Nene’s BBQ and McDonald’s French Fries

Tom and I baked a pie the night before Aryanna’s birthday. We surprised her in the morning with her favorite pie and some gifts! It was a success!

Add to cart:

Check out what Aryanna and I bought at Celebrations!

We bought paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups in gold, some napkins and boxes in pink and paper bags in printed black, white and pink. We also got different party cups and plastic Margarita stems from Celebrations, 3L Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.

The set-up:

Partying kiddie style… for my baby’s last year before adulthood (*cries*)! Every reason to celebrate!

Eto na ang plato-platuhan na walang hugas-hugasan!

Tip: For a grown-up kiddie party themed table setting, choose paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery in gold color for a glam look.

Tip: Use party loot boxes as your sweet spaghetti container

Tip: Party paper bags can be used to hold the french fries. You can add powder flavorings and guests can shake the bags to flavor their fries.

I can’t believe Tom and I have a 17-year old teenager! It just seemed like it was yesterday when she was a toddler like our son Dylan, running around the studio, talking to models, showing off her fairy wings, doodling everyone she meets and just being a kid. She still does some of those things and more — she still asks me to put her to bed, she enjoys playing games with her brother, she likes going on dad and daughter adventures with Tom, she still watches cartoons, she hasn’t out-grown her love for Barbie, she still prefers to stay home than party with friends and she still expects a special birthday dinner at home with her family. We’re glad that she is not in a rush to grow up fast.

Happy birthday, sweetheart! You have grown-up to be an intelligent, beautiful, sweet, talented, caring, kind-hearted and smart young lady! You make us so proud and we can’t wait for you to achieve all your dreams! Remember that you deserve the best in life and love. Our birthday wish for you is to have a happy and healthy life. We love you, Aryanna!

May all your wishes come true!

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  1. Happy birthday Aryanna! I wish my daughter will grow up kingkoy din hahaha! I admire your parenting style Jenni =) Wish you and your family more blessings!

    I don’t like this post… I LOVE this post kaya I voted for you! hehehe

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