Argentina Corned Beef Pepper Rice

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Mabuhay! Welcome Familia Argentina to my blog!

To all the housemates,

I would also like to welcome you to “Sarap ng Lasang Home” featuring my favorite Argentina Meats recipes I cook at home!

Argentina Corned Beef Pepper Rice

This recipe is perfect for the barkada, housemates, and for the whole family! Cook a big batch and share it with your loved ones or not… You can eat this all on your own… It’s your life.


3-4 cans of Argentina Corned Beef
Cooked brown rice (don’t roll your eyes—it’s healthier than white rice)
3 pieces of garlic, minced
2 onions, cut in rings
1 small pack of frozen peas
2 fresh carrots, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1-2 tsp freshly ground pepper (preferably not powdered pepper)
Fresh parsley, chopped

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Sauté garlic in EVOO.

Translayshun: Mag gisa ka ng bawang.

Step 2: Empty 2-3 cans of Argentina Corned Beef into the pan.

Step 3: When the corned beef is slightly cooked, add the chopped carrots and frozen peas (it’s OK if frozen, it will thaw out).

Tip: Cover the pan to steam the peas and carrots. Parang sauna lang ang effect. Don’t overcook the veggies or else… You don’t want me angry… I’m watching you.

Step 4: When the veggies are slightly cooked, add the cooked brown rice (day old rice is also good) to the mix.

Step 5: Add freshly ground pepper. I use at least 2 tsp of pepper but add according to taste.

Tip: Todo n’yo na ang paminta! Kasi hindi na s’ya “pepper rice” kung hindi malalasahan ang pepper. Di ba?

Step 6: Stir all the ingredients. Eto na ang halo-halo portion.

The garnish: Caramelized onions

You can cook this ahead of time or while cooking the corned beef rice. It depends if you’re a multitasker. Me? I can cook, tweet, eat, and take photos at the same time. This was exactly how my camera fell into the pan one time. Haaay! Concentrate, Jenni!

On a separate pan, caramelize onions in EVOO.

Cook the onions in low heat until it caramelizes. It takes 15-20 minutes to cook them. If you try cooking them in medium or high heat, as God is my witness, they will burn. Be patient, wag P.G. ang peg.

It’s all about the presentation: 

I know what you’re thinking… A bunt pan??? Isn’t that for baking??? Uhm… Let us use our imagination, shall we?

No, we are not baking this… scroll down and everything will make sense…


Told ja!

I’m proud of this presentation. I deserve more corned beef portion.

Extra! Extra! Aside from the 3 cans of Argentina Corned Beef that I mixed in with the rice, I cooked extra corned beef and placed it in the middle of the ring. The “extras” in life is what really makes life worth living!

Add garnish: Top the corned beef with caramelized onions and chopped fresh parsley.

You don’t need a bunt pan or a jello mold to achieve this kind of presentation.

My helper “Liza 2000” is smart. Here’s her idea:

Using a plastic container, she made a well in the middle of the rice. You can also transfer the molded rice onto a platter then add the corned beef in the middle. Bravo, Liz!!! Ikaw na!

A slice of heaven… Parang cake lang. My gosh, I’m officially hungry.

This dish is the perfect blend of savory, peppery, and slightly sweet, thanks to the veggies and caramelized onions. There’s no icing in this recipe. It’s not cake, it just looks it. Why am I defensive? Haha!

It’s perfect for breakfast or lunch or dinner or you can eat it the whole day. Like what I said, it’s your life.

Cue music: “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

Oh, Argentina Corned Beef, what would my kitchen be like without you?

So, what do you think of my Argentina Corned Beef Pepper Rice? Who’s the EAT girl now, hmm… 😉

Reply on my comment box if you want more recipes.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what’s your favorite Argentina Corned Beef recipe?

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