Argentina Corned Beef Curry

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It must be the cool weather and the horrible traffic in the metro that every time I get home from work, I’m craving comfort food.

Do you feel the same?

One of my favorite comfort meals to cook at home is my Argentina Corned Beef Curry. It’s creamy, hearty, yummy and super easy to make. It’s the perfect meal to relieve stress! Haha!

Everyone who’s tried my recipe gets hooked on this dish. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

Argentina Corned Beef Curry


4 cans of Argentina Corned Beef

1 pack of curry paste (If you store curry paste is not available to you, here’s an easy recipe on how to make your own curry sauce, click here.)

400-440 ml of coconut milk (you can also use the powdered ones that you mix with water)

I use the Singaporean Nonya Curry when cooking this dish. It’s not spicy and it’s good for kids’ palette too! You can choose your own curry paste depending on your taste. Tom likes his curry spicy so I sometimes use a red curry paste.

1 carrots, diced

2 potatoes, diced

10 pcs. of fresh basil leaves

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Cook the Argentina Corned Beef

Step 2: Add the diced carrots and potatoes

Step 3: Add the curry paste. Follow the cooking directions of the curry paste packet.

Step 4: Mix the curry paste into the veggies and Argentina Corned Beef

Step 5: Add 400-440 ml coconut milk

Step 6: Mix well and cover. Simmer for 10-15 minutes (don’t overcook the veggies). Cook in low to medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Step 7: Once it’s cooked, add fresh basil leaves.


I serve the Argentina Corned Beef Curry in a bowl with rice… white rice. Sorry, but it’s really the best combo!

I usually take the bowl of Argentina Corned Beef Curry into our living room, curl up on the sofa and dig into it! Saraaaaaap!

I promise you, this is one of those “Oh my Gaaad” dishes!

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