Amazing Readers: Teacup Cake Fans

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I get a kick out of my amazing readers every time they try my recipes!

This time, Aryanna’s 70-Second Microwave Teacup Cake dessert gets some lovin’ from some of my IG followers:

From @ianaperalta:

Woohoo! Love the food shot, @ianaperalta! The white ramekin looks chic. I think it’s great that you personalized your recipe by adding Choc•Nut! Brilliant. I suggest adding Nutella or peanut butter next time to serve as the teacup cake’s frosting plus it makes the whole dessert gooey.

From @mcvien96:

This is why I love sharing my recipes—for your loved ones to enjoy! Extra points to @mcvien96 for adding marshmallows and colorful M&M’s to the recipe. Try topping it with vanilla ice cream next time and let me know if you like it.

Thanks guys for tagging me on IG. Keep them coming!

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