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Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Starting my 2015 blog post with Amazing Readers who inspire me:

Thank you @iamrebeccarose for tagging me on both of your IG photos. The Christmas table setting is fab! Like what I always say, when building your “plato-platuhan” collection, do it slowly and beautifully!

Dear @elbadiaries, your photo is so chic. This recipe is one of the easiest and most favorite!

I’ve met so many Amazing Readers during my talks. Em Sulit is one of them. I remember her because during the 2nd Mompreneur Manila Summit she asked me a great question (read below). It’s been almost two years since that talk and I was delighted with her latest Instagram post:

From: @emmsulit

“NEW BLOG UP: “You cannot and will not develop your own voice when you keep on listening to other voices. Stay true to who you are. Start now! Create your own dream!” – By: @jenniepperson #HappyMorselsForInspiredEverydays”


3/365: Happy Morsels For Inspired Everydays | Finding Your Voice

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“You cannot and will not develop your own voice when you keep on listening to other voices. Stay true to who you are. Start now! Create your own dream!” – Jenni Epperson

Last 2013, I attended the Mompreneur Summit, organized by Ms. Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo. One of the speakers was Jenni Epperson.

1237677_241025352713056_1561528875_nPhoto by: Mompreneur Manila

Jenni is one of the top bloggers in our country. Her talk was very inspirational and she changed my perception about bloggers. After her talk I asked her how she mustered the courage to blog considering all the noise and clutter in the Internet. And how she managed to stand out from the rest.


Photo by: Mompreneur Manila


Sidenote: Yes. Even back then, as a Mompreneur, I’m already bringing my baby to events 🙂

Photo by: Mompreneur Manila

Her answer started with a story, about how her husband Tom advised her, not to force herself into a group that does not seem to want her. To walk her own walk and to use her own voice. Thus to answer my question, her advise were the following:

1) Just START. “You cannot go anywhere without starting, so take that first step and just start.” And this is true and applicable to everything we want to achieve in life.

2) Look at inspirational blogs whom you want to emulate. Take note of “emulate” not “copy.” If it’s not about writing or blogging, find what drives you, what inspires you. Look for pegs. Look for role models.

3) Then just keep on writing until you become good at it. “Practice, practice and more practice makes perfect.” 

4) Somewhere along your journey, if you are consistent on it, you will find your voice. And if you are truthful and speak from the heart, your very own unique voice will show. People will see it. And people will appreciate it. Authenticity, consistency, truthfulness and heart are the key.

Those are my key takeaways from her talk that day. I mustered the courage to start blogging because of that. So cheers to people who inspires us, in one way or another – big or small. Hopefully my blog will one day inspire and help someone in the future too.

If you are reading this, feel free to repost or share with anyone whom you think might need to read one or more of the items here. Let’s help each other have #HappyMorselsForInspiredEverydays

Thank you Amazing Readers for always tagging me on Instagram with your lovely photos and meaningful messages. I am grateful for all of you. If I missed out on your picture, please tag me again. I would love to post them here on the blog.

It’s Monday, people. Time to get started!

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