What To Add To Your Table: Toast Rack

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it delightful too?

A toast rack adds an elegant touch to the tablescape. It is a serving piece that has partitions used for holding slices of toast. If this is the first time you’ve actually seen a toast rack being used, no biggie, it’s not commonly used in the Philippines but it’s big in Europe. Read about the history here.


One of the first pieces I bought for my Alessi collection was the A di Alessi Girotondo Toast Rack by King Kong. I always loved the iconic cut-out ‘standing men’ design. It’s made from stainless steel so it’s low-maintenance.

More than a decoration, the toast rack actually allows the toast to cool down without the usual moisture that accumulates and makes it soggy. It also does a good job in keeping the toast in a vertical position, allowing the moisture to raise and leave the bread crispier.


You can add a platter under the rack to catch the toast crumbs.


Perfect for when you want to dress up the table or when feeding a crowd.


Using a toast rack keeps your toasted bread crispy and also makes a civilized breakfast. Hashtag: shala


Good morning!

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