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Céline has become my favorite brand this season. I love their chic design and their bags’ functional qualities: roomy and multiple compartments.

During one of my recent trips to Hong Kong, I bought something that was so not me: a small bag. Turns out, it became my current favorite!

Céline “Trio” bag

I love the multiple compartments and detachable pouches. The bag is roomy enough to fill all my essentials but small enough to use it as an evening bag. You can also detach the pouches and use it as a clutch. Very versatile!

I bought the navy blue Céline “Trio” and it works well with most of my wardrobe.

This has become my “everyday” and work bag.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

If you’re looking for a good bag to investment in, the Céline “Trio” bag is a good choice. As it is, my purchase has been worth it because my daughter Aryanna and I share the bag.

Adidas Water Grip men’s shoes

Guys and gays, listen up!

If you’re looking for:

  • Super duper lightweight rubber shoes
  • Stylish and super comfy (this pair was already road tested by my husband)
  • Extra wide shoes


Adidas Water Grip shoes are the answer.

Casual Adidas Water Grip has breathable mesh enables the shoes become very comfortable for your feet to wear. The insole drainage system is designed to squeegee out water. Both the collar and tongue of the shoes are padded.

My husband Tom loved these shoes so much, he bought two pairs!

Tom’s verdict: “The shoes are very light and have good arch support. The mesh vents allow air to circulate around my feet even when I’m wearing socks and so my feet get good “ventilation”. I’d be careful though to step on a puddle if you want to stay dry.

This style is also good for yachting and for the beach as it has good grip and drains the water easily. Buy two pairs. You won’t regret it.”

Available at Adidas, Greenbelt 3.

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    1. Post

      Hi Reese!

      The bag I got is Céline, Paris which I got in HK. It’s different brand from the local Celine stores here.

  1. Ever since Phoebe Philo took over at Celine, it has shown trends and must haves every season! And what I love about it is that the Celine Boston Bag and the Original Sunglasses stood the test of time. Every season, they get a slight makeover (e.g. adding shearling, leopard print, more colors) and they still sell! I just wish they had better ad campaigns, though. I bet if your husband Tom shot them, it’ll be much better 😉

    Super love your site! 🙂

  2. Hi Jenni! I really want to know where I can purchase a Celine Boston here in the Philippines and can you give me an idea of how much it costs?

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