4 Reasons To Fall In Love With Ballet

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When I was kid, I hated ballet lessons because it took me away from play time (a.k.a. tumbang preso and taguan haha). My mom enrolled me to ballet classes when I was 5 years old, and forced me to go every weekend until I was 16.


It paid off though because I learned to love ballet and dance became my form of expression as a teenager. Mom knows best!!


In college, I joined the Dance Club and ballet and jazz were my way of connecting with like-minded people and I developed friendship and some healthy competitions from different universities.


Ballet dancers also tend to have a craziness about them that appeals to me. In general, they have strong personalities, disciplined and are great athletes and have impeccable style! It must be something to do with the ballets themselves, which are nostalgic, magical, like a fairy tale with a dramatic end.

Mikhail Barishnikov was my idol!

mikhail baryshnikov

The film White Nights (1995) was life-changing! Baryshnikov danced in denim jeans and sneakers! He grand jeté from the screen straight into my heart!

mikhail baryshnikov_whitenights

Remember him in Sex And The City when Carrie and Alexander danced in McDonald’s?!! Swooooon!


Alexandr Petrovsky and Carrie Bradshaw

Because of ballet, I also fell in love with Classical music and fashion!

4 Reasons To Fall In Love With Ballet

1. Ballet workout

I haven’t danced for years but I started doing Ballet Beautiful workouts at home and I love it! 


Ballet Beautiful morning workout at home

Mary Helen Bowers is a Swan goddess! I’m so inspired by her work and workouts!

I do 15-30 minutes of Ballet Beautiful sessions 3x a week and it’s been amazing for my posture! It also helps develop long, lean muscles without bulk. Ballet enhances flexibility and improve balance while looking super cute in leodard, tights and ballet shoes! My goals is to have a sculpt ballerina’s body.


My regular workout: Ballet Beautiful and weight training. My post workout drink is a healthy banana and strawberry smoothie.

2. Ballet shoes

I would say that the ballet shoes trend from the runway (hello dreamy Valentino collection!!) has overshadowed the street sneakers. I’m all over these shoes!!


On pointe! Check out my Instagram hashtag: #SitSipSnap

3. Ballet style

Fashion is no stranger to dance. Theatre and stage costumes are almost like the original couture: see Coco Chanel who was commissioned to design for the Ballet Russes and the Rodarte team who famously created the costumes in Black Swan.

Aryanna and I love the ballet style from cloudy tulle skirts to cut-off tights/leggings, ballet shoes and all-black attire!


Ballet style at the ballet

4. Ballet shows

I was invited by my friend Jenny Yrasuegui of Arc PR to the preview of Ballet Manila’s Revenge of the Classic shows a few months ago. I fell in love again with ballet and I immediately bought tickets for the entire season! I did NOT ask for FREE tickets, I paid for the entire season (August 2016 to February 2017) in support of the artists.

“Mahilig po tayo sa complimentary (We are fond of complimentary tickets). I invite people to watch my shows and they always ask: ‘Pahingi ticket?’ (Can I have a ticket?)” she said. “We should treat artists like any other professionals. You pay for their services.”
-Liza Macuja-Elizalde, Prima Ballerina


Aryanna and I paid Php 6K+ for two to all four shows and got the best front row seats!! Insanely affordable! We already watched the Martin Lawrance’s “Rebel” and we’re looking forward to three more performances (The Swan, The Fairy, & The Princess, Cinderella & Don Quixote). I couldn’t believe that we were watching a world-class performance, front row on a budget!!! DO. NOT. MISS. THIS.

Best deal in town: Buy a ticket for all four (4) season shows and get a 50% discount off total cost. Subscribers may choose the dates and seats! Subscription programs and preordered tickets make the full-length shows very affordable, even costing less than your average movie date. Book tickets and avail of the promo here.


Ballet shoes & baseball shirt

Looking back, I’m glad my mom introduced me to ballet because it has taught me about grace, style, discipline and the importance of hardwork and perseverance.

Dance before the music is over.
Live before your Life is over.

See you at the ballet!

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